Chronic Leg Cramps
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Leg cramps are often painful and involuntary contractions of the muscles of the leg. Yes cramps occur in all muscles and the results range from annoying to excruiating but leg cramps, especially those at night, are in a class of their own. Leg cramps are also called "charley horse" in common parlance. Usually the cause for legs cramps is not drinking sufficient amounts of water. Water helps to transport nutrients to all the parts of the body and if you do not drink enough water, then nutrients supply is hampered.

Our body needs some elements to balance, if there is a chemical imbalance such as magnesium and potassium in the body, it can cause leg cramps. If a person breaks a bone, the muscles surrounding the area will sometimes spasm as a means of protecting it. This is the body's clever way of immobilizing the bone and stabilizing it.

Leg cramps can happen at night due to many factors such as the weight gain, dehydration, poor circulation and vitamin deficiencies. By dealing with circulation, eating well and getting some help from your spouse, you can reduce the chances of having these pains which disturb your much needed rest.

You should try to flex your toes to ease a cramp. Breathing deeply and relaxing at the same time also helps to give relief from leg cramps. As oxygen is taken through the muscles the cramp releases and you can slowly massage the leg. You should try massaging toward the heart so that you drain the lymph.

There is a natural, safe, and alternative remedy that is a very effective treatment for leg cramps or lessening their symptoms. Did you know that natural remedies are available for just about any malady you might have?A natural remedy is a natural substance or herb that is prepared, processed, or formulated for its medicinal properties using only natural substances.

The trouble with food today, is that it is often nutrient poor due to farming practices which are more concerned about quantity than quality. The procedure of processing or de-naturing food also removes many of the essential nutrients for a healthy digestion. Avoid standing on your feet for a long period of time. This is especially true in the last few months, when your body weight becomes heavier.

Your legs will have to support more weight than usual and this ends in cramping. Prevention of cramps and other health challenges from a nutrition point of view comes down to consuming a mostly fresh food diet that is high in minerals, avoiding 'empty' foods that are high in sugar and low in minerals and which also introduce toxins and antibiotics into our systems.

Related to electrolyte imbalance is making sure that you stay well hydrated during exercise as well as throughout the day. Dehydration is one common cause of muscle cramps. Unless you are an endurance athlete, plain cool water is the preferred fluid replacement during exercise. So getting back to what causes leg cramps is, to some extent asking how long a piece of string is. It depends on you. You are a unique individual and your leg cramps are going to be different, and so have different treatments from those that others experience.

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Leg Cramps


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