Cirrhosis Of Liver Causes And Symptoms And Prevention And Home Remedies For Liver Cirrhosis
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Liver is the largest body organ and has several essential functions in the body. The most important among them is metabolizing substances present in the blood and for excretion. Other important functions of liver are production of bile juices and regulation of nutrients like glucose, cholesterol, and proteins. It also synthesizes many proteins out of which the most important is the protein required for blood clotting.

Cirrhosis is a condition in which healthy tissues of liver are replaced by fibrotic scar as well as regenerative nodules that lead to progressive decline in liver function. When the cells of liver turn fibrous, it will cause disturbances in all the above functions. This will lead to huge problems in our body and thus regarded as a serious illness. In cirrhosis the liver gradually contracts in size and becomes hard and leathery.

Causes of Cirrhosis of the Liver

Following are the major cirrhosis causes:

  1. Excessive use of alcohol

  2. Improper nutrition

  3. By hepatitis C infection

  4. Sometimes due to hepatitis B

  5. Autoimmune inflammation of the liver

  6. Disorders of the drainage system of the liver

  7. Metabolic disorders of iron and copper

Symptoms of Cirrhosis of the liver

In initial stage the patient unable to digest the food and sometimes feeling very weak. The other symptoms of Cirrhosis of the liver are the patient feels pain in the abdomen, low grade fever, vomiting, and bad breath. Reddish hairs like markings are visible in face, arms, neck, and trunk region.

Prevention of Liver Cirrhosis

The best way to prevent liver cirrhosis is to avoid the underlying causes of the condition. The measures to be taken are:

  1. Get immunized against hepatitis B. This reduces the risk of cirrhosis in the future,

  2. Before taking vitamin supplements talk to your doctor as they worsen liver damage.

  3. Take a healthy diet and get plenty of rest and physical activity. This helps you to maintain your weight healthy.

  4. Avoid alcohol and if you are a man drink no more than two drinks a day and slowly reduce that too.

  5. Know the risk factors for hepatitis B and C and avoid them.

Home Remedies for Liver Cirrhosis

  1. Do not smoke or use any other sources of nicotine. Smoking is perhaps the most potent causes of circulatory problems.

  2. Do some exercises at least every second day that makes your heart work harder. Jogging, bicycling, playing ball, swimming or other activities where you increase your energy is good for your blood circulation. Exercise should, however, be adjusted to your current health status.

  3. Get enough sleep every 24 hours. All sleep is not necessary, however, to occur during the night. You can, for example just take a little of their need to take a nap while in the middle of the day. 7 hours of sleep seems to be ideal for optimal circulatory health. Much more sleep seems to be bad for your blood circulation.

  4. Avoid a high amount of stress for a longer period. If there is anything in your life or work which makes insisted, you must make adjustments. Meditation is a good method to stress down.

  5. Decrease the amount of fat in your diet. Do not add too much oil, butter or other fat to your food. Do not consume too much fast food or ready made foods that often contain a large amount of fat added.

  6. Avoid full-fat chemically modified, so-called trans fats. This type of fat is often found in margarine and is often added to many types of cookies.

  7. Avoid large amounts of saturated fats such as fat found in milk, fat diary products, products of coconut and butter.

Diet for Cirrhosis of the Liver

The diet to heal Cirrhosis of the Liver should be rich in proteins. Pulses, spinach, bitter gourd, carrot, cabbage, beans, papaya, cucumber, tomato, onion and other such foods should be positively included in the diet. Carbohydrates are also beneficial as they provide energy to the body. While dealing with Liver Cirrhosis, regular consumption of orange juice, on an empty stomach is a tried and tested natural remedy.

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