Cold Symptoms And Common Cold Home Remedies
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A common cold, also known as acute coryza is an inflammation of the airways caused by infection with common cold viruses. A common cold occurs more often than any other disease - hence its name. A person can suffer from a common sometimes several times a year. A cold usually lasts three to ten days. The patient feels miserable for the first three days or so.

Common Cold Symptoms

The common cold is highly contagious, but those with a strong immunity have some protection against the majority of outbreaks. That said, no matter how healthy may be, is likely to suffer a common cold from time to time. Usually the common cold symptoms appear within one or two days after exposure.

Common Cold Remedies


The lemon is the most important among the many home remedies for common cold. It is beneficial in all types of cold with fever. Vitamin C-rich lemon juice increases body resistance, decreases toxicity and reduces the duration of the disease. One lemon should be watered down in a glass of temperate water and a teaspoon of honey should be extra to it. This should be taken once or two times daily.


Garlic soup is an ancient remedy to reduce the severity of a cold, and should be taken once daily. The soup can be prepared by boiling three or four cloves of chopped garlic in a cup of water. Garlic contains antiseptic and antispasmodic properties, besides several medicinal virtues. The oil in this vegetable helps to open airways. In the form of soup, flushes out all toxins from the system and therefore helps to lower fever


Ginger is another excellent remedy for colds and coughs. About ten grams of ginger should be cut into small pieces and boiled in a cup of water. Then should be strained and half a teaspoon of sugar added. This decoction should be drunk when hot. Ginger tea, prepared by the addition of a few pieces of ginger into boiled water before adding tea leaves, is also an effective remedy for colds and fevers resulting from cold. It can be taken twice daily.

Bitter Gourd

The roots of the bitter gourd plant are used in traditional medicine to cure a cold. A teaspoon of root paste, mixed with an equal quantity of honey or juice of holy basil leaf, every night for a month, acts as an excellent medicine for colds.


Turmeric is an effective remedy for colds and sore throats. Half a teaspoon of fresh turmeric powder mixed in 30 ml of warm milk and taken once or twice a day, is a useful prescription for these conditions. Turmeric powder should be put in a hot pan. Next, the milk should be poured in it and boiled over a slow fire. This mixture should be drunk by the patient. In case of a cold current, the smoke from burning turmeric should be inhaled. Will increase the discharge from the nose and provide quick relief.

Vitamin C

Regular consumption of vitamin C-75 mg to 35 mg for adults and children, prevent the common cold. However, if a cold has already appeared, large doses of vitamin alleviate symptoms and shorten its duration.

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