Collection Of My English SMS
Cute Girl • onSms 11 years ago • 2 min read

1) Friends and Friendship. It's a package of feelings. Nobody can make it. Nobody can break it. Nobody can xplain it. Only U and ME can feel it.

2) A good understanding comes only when the brain is quiet. So, a mind that is caught in the net of words cannot understand truth.

3) If you have failed in love or dont have anyone that special.... Dont worry!!! It is nothing but your future partner's prayer!!

4) Thought: Speech is civilization itself. The words, even the most contradictious word, preserves contact-- "it is silence which isolates."

5) As far as u think 'NOT NOW', Succes becomes 'NEVER'... But as soon as u think 'WHY NOT NOW', Success surely will become 'YOURS' ...! Good Morning..! Good Day.!

6) The most determinative & motivating sentence which shud always be followed in life. The RACE is NOT OVER because I haven't WON yet.

7) 2C light [email protected], 2C love [email protected], 2C beauty [email protected], 2C hope [email protected] But 2C all of these [email protected]!

8) Morning is God's way of saying: "One more time! Live life. Make a difference. Touch 1 heart. Encourage 1 mind. Inspire 1 soul..." Gud Morg...

9) Fresh flowers waiting to disturb you. Hot milk waiting to taste your lip. Sun, birds, cool air, all are looking at your window, To say. Good Morning.

10) I knw nothin lsts 4ever & myb we wnt 2 alwys sty 2gdr But evry smile & tear v share cnvincs me dat memries of u & me wil lst 4 d rest of my lyf Byond 4evr U

Good Morning


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