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In the United States today, one in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Comcast is raising awareness about this disease through a new video-on-demand and Internet-based service called Breast Cancer Hope.

In addition to medical information, this initiative will provide women and their loved ones with inspiration for living a full life after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Beginning September 24 and continuing through October, Comcast will present dozens of programs from leading TV networks including Lifetime, Style Network, Discovery Health and These outlets will showcase a host of content including medical and lifestyle issues, health and fitness advice, and inspirational stories of survival from former cancer patients.

Comcast subscribers with ON DEMAND service will be able to view programs that are most relevant to their needs. There will be more than 40 available in five topic areas:

. Fact or Fiction: Exclusive content created by Lifetime and featuring interviews with doctors and other health professionals that offer a patient's perspective about what to expect from visits to specialists like radiologists, breast surgeons, oncologists, plastic surgeons and genetics counselors.

. What's My Risk: Discovery Health Channel programs about cancer research, breast cancer prevention and the experiences of families affected by the disease; healthy-cooking recipes from Comcast's Digital Cookbook series; mini workouts from Exercise TV; and breast-cancer-related episodes from Comcast's Seeking Solutions with Suzanne and It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle.

. Inspiration: segments from the Lifetime series Intimate Portraits featuring profiles of Ann Curry, Betsey Johnson and Rosanna Arquette, as well as the EmmyR-nominated Lifetime original movie, Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy, starring Sarah Chalke (Scrubs); and motivational stories from cancer survivors.

. What is Breast Cancer: programs following women from the diagnosis stage through treatment and exploring plastic surgery and reconstruction options.

. Fashion Tips: advice for patients and survivors, from demonstrations of how to wear a scarf to makeover shows, including special segments from The Style Network's popular series, How Do I Look? and Whose Wedding is it Anyway?

Comcast will post these encouraging videos and additional breast cancer information at the Breast Cancer Hope Web site: At this site, visitors can view video news reports, read and post on message boards and send their questions to Oncologist Dr. Marisa Weiss, the Founder and President of

We hope you can post information about this important campaign and links to the Breast Cancer Hope Web site. If you have any questions or need additional information please let us know.



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