Computers And Its Side Effects
Rekha • onHealth & Beauty 11 years ago • 2 min read

Computer effects a lot i think it is known to everybody.but its my duty to reboot you again.the effects are as follows

  1. Never eat before computers its not really healthy spare some time its not a big deal to do work more and eat its really not a good habit..

  2. Work is more important i know tht but more of work can bring u old look on ure face u will be looking more older than ure age..

  3. Sitting before the computer for more than hours may increase ure tummy which is really a disturbence

  4. Working for more hrs and having the food at odd hours may bring u digestion problem and it may even lead with stomach cancer

  5. Children,students who ever sit on computers for chats and orkuts, mails will be addicted to the computer and sitting more hrs at computer may effect the brains a lott they will become completely numb while they study their subjects.

  6. Places like japan ,china who re very much famous for computer games and the daily mails were really addicted to the computers and they re getting treatments for this.

  7. Sit straight while ure working b4 the computer if u dont want to wish a disturbed tummy..

  8. Stop eating b4 the computer always have ure food first and then come back to work becoz u will face the problem if ure not started to know abt it

  9. Dont look continuously in the computer close ure eyes some times eyes always need some water in it so never to straight in the computers which may lead u to have four eyes(spects)

  10. So be careful while u work b4 computers its not a normal issue rather than feeling it bad in future listen to words now..

Note: All the above are written by me i have also done some research on this matter even few of our members are been victim of this computer virus even me. computers are addiction .it attracts u like any thing so be sure wht u have to do


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  • Guest 8 years ago
    The article has very good information.However, can we have some comments on prper posture and sitting in front of computer so that you dont have increased tummy.