Constipation – Precautions Should Be Taken Seriously
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Many people, especially older people, tortured problems with bowel movements, also known as constipation or constipation. It is rarely defecation of small quantities of mud, accompanied by painful bloating or (fusion) of mud, in the vernacular language and constipation. What then can we talk about the closure of what it entails and what you can do to get rid of it?

It's hard to talk about a healthy pace of elimination, applicable to all, namely because people are different and have different habits. For some, it is normal to go to the great need, even after three times a day, for others it is normally only one to three times a week. Reduced frequency of stool elimination, therefore, does not mean closure.

On the other hand, can be characterized as the closure of painful discharges of small quantities of very hard stool, although every day, especially if accompanied by bloating and feelings of incomplete evacuation. So is the belief of many that have been jailed simply because they do not discharge sludge every day, mistaken.


The quantity, frequency and characteristics

Although the closure was frequently a nuisance, but rarely causes serious complications. However care must be amended if a significant quantity of sludge and the frequency of bowel movements or if during the stamping, the properties of sludge. If you notice in the mud traces of blood, immediately go to the doctor.

Habitual no closure

Causes of constipation are a pretty and they are very different. By far the most common form of closure, the so-called habitual no closure, which disrupted digestion without apparent cause, or signs of organic disease. Much of the blame for the frequency of such closure can be attributed to the effects of modern life is not enough We exercise, resulting in weakened abdominal muscles, and eat too much food that does not contain enough redundant (fiber) materials needed for a normal amount and composition of the sludge.

Piles and piles

Causes of constipation

may be hemorrhoids or piles, bowel dysfunction without evidence of organic changes in the intestine, primarily in younger women (irritable bowel syndrome), tumors in the intestine and rectum, which mechanically narrow intestine (appearance of stenosis or straits), chronic intestinal inflammation, particularly Crohn disease, nerve damage, diverticulitis, or inflammation of the intestinal sacs of sugar, and metabolic diseases and disorders in electrolyte balance telesu. Vzrok the problem often lies in the professional limitations when sludge can not be discharged as soon as the stimulus occurs at discharge. This is happening to professional drivers, workers on the conveyor belt, officials who work with people, and those who can not ever leave the workplace.


To prevent and relieve constipation it is important to the daily diet include eating as many foods rich wastewater, ballast substances, mainly of plant fibers, which in the intestine to swell and form a wet weight of secretions. These substances belong to a group of carbohydrates that are not metabolized in the gastrointestinal tract and not absorbed, but remain in the gut and bind to water and the most natural way to provide a softer and more regular iztrebljanje. Kristen fiber in fresh, dried or cooked vegetables and fruits, bran, grains and seeds. It is advisable to consume coarse black bread, bread with seeds, yogurt or yogurt bran supplements, in which mixed in linseed. It is known that "grow" as prunes and figs, many of which helps kiwi or khaki. Reliable herbal medicine against the closure of the front plate.

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