Convert Olympics Videos To IPod
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With the 2008 Summer Olympics in full-swing, we're trying to pay close attention to each of our Olympians chasing their dreams of winning a gold medal. Unfortunately, it is not easy to see every TV broadcast in the first time while we have to work, have to go to school or have to do something else. We miss the live show even the replay. Fortunately, if you have an iPod, if you know how to find the video, you can bring the Olympics any where you want, anytime you need.

iPod is not the first portable MP4 player even not the only one, but it must be the Leader who push portable video into the mainstream. Of course, iPod can not leave iTunes alone. iTunes offers a not expensive, easy and legal way to get music or video files will play on this device. But how to deal with the video files you already have, such as the one some friends copied to you or what you have downloaded from the free video website? Absolutely, these can not be played on iPod. So you have to download from iTunes and paid again, again, and again. Never thought convert these video files to the compatibly format? If you want to the ability, just follow me.

How to convert videos to iPod

The most effective and fast way is using a video to iPod converter. There are so many of it, freeware or shareware. There are three video to iPod converter you can try: Videora iPod Converter; Cucusoft video to iPod converter; PQ video to iPod converter. Videora iPod Converter is free. Cucusoft video to iPod converter and PQ video to iPod converter.both sales &29.95. PQ video to iPod converter is known as the NO.1 video to iPod converter on And it does a good job on its support and help file. It is also can convert Tivo/DVR while Cucusoft video to iPod converter can not. But Cucusoft video to iPod converter supports AppleTV as well. While you open the Video to iPod converter, you need drag the video files to it, and follow the default setting, click “Convert” or “GO” button. Most of the converters are easy to use and have advanced settings for the professional users.

more details here:Convert Olympics Videos to iPod


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