Covert JP's Stance On Andhra Pradesh
Sunny • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

It's very unfortunate for an person like Jayaprakash Narayana to criticize the protestants. From the recent activities of JP clearly shows that he was doing some covert operations for Ramoji rao with UPA to safeguard his boss ramajorao's properties.

However, it was his personal intention and no one bothers this, but today's recent statement's by criticizing the protestants saying not to involve in any activities for the sake of identity in media is really pity on him.

In 2009, elections Loksatta Party lost its identity except one seat and in GHMC elections also lost their identity. There are many gossips around on various factors for caste to money laundering. He belong to KAMMA community and charged money for party local leaderships.

Most of the state and national parties clearly stating their stance for Separation or United Andhra. But what is the stance of LSP? I request his good-self to clearly state their partie's stance before commenting on protestants.

It's shameful for an erudite man like him to comment on people's interest and emotions. Already UPA is playing with Telugu people's sentiments. The agitations are started from the roots of people not by any politician or any corrupted bureaucrat come politician like JP. He has to withdraw his statements.



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  • Guest 9 years ago

    He lost his identity. I gurantee that in next elections he won't be able to secure his own seat.

    People wont be trapped by him anymore. He has no stance on AP.