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Many people try crash diets to lose weight fast, hoping for a quick and easy solution to their weight problem. And yes there are plenty of different crash diets that can work, most can work for some people as long as they have the willpower not to go back to their old ways. The first tip is do not crash diet for more than three to seven days. That is pretty good tip seeing how you are starving yourself. When you cut calorie intake your body need to get these lost calories from somewhere.

Nutritionists recommend a minimum daily intake of 1200 calories. When you drastically reduce this number or stop eating, you deprive your body of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients that it needs to sustain itself. Starvation mode actually causes our bodies to store fat and body weight. Why? Well, it's simple our bodies think that there's no food around.

If there's no food around our bodies need to feed on ourselves in order to survive, so they store fat and weight. Fad crash diets are those hyped diet programs that become "trendy" because everyone seems to be doing it. They usually work for a while, but the minute you return to a normal diet, the pounds will start creeping back again.

At first your metabolism continues to run at a faster rate based on the 2000 calories you were eating. Soon, though, it catches on and realizes that you are now only eating 1300 calories per day and as a result it slows down to compensate. Getting really desperate to fit into a dress or an outfit for an event on the last minuet happens to us once in a while. You know, when you have a university reunion dinner and you want to look really slim so that your university mates never realized to put on weight.

Some health risks you may not be aware of but that might be of concern to you. Crash dieting can result in hair loss and brittle finger and toe nails. Your body requires vitamins and minerals in order to remain healthy and a bad diet usually does not supply enough of the proper nutrients. Interestingly enough, a similar metabolic slowdown occurs during the course of many crash diets. In fact, many individuals report little or no weight loss during many lengthy periods of severe caloric restriction. Dieters lose fat, return to normal eating, and end up putting more fat on and crash diet again. This cycle continues and each time the diet is embarked upon, the result becomes worse as the body actually deteriorates physiologically.

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