Creating Magic With Sunset Photography
Swathi • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

Many people enjoy a brilliant sunset picture. The difficulty in taking sunset photos is that many sunset photos are cliched. The following landscape photography tips are for you if you want to take interesting sunset shots: Take Photos After Sunset Many photographers start taking photos when the sun is setting. However, many are not aware that there are better things to take pictures of when 20 minutes after that. This is the time when the lighting is not that bright and there are many brilliant colors to capture on camera especially using the timed exposure.

Capture a Silhouette Digital photography basics suggest that sunset is a good time to show your skills in taking silhouette photography. This is an easy way to make your sunset pictures better is you manage to capture the moment properly.

Get Some Water in the Foreground Sunsets are a brilliant opportunity for photographers to also take photos of reflections which can create some impressive results. Although it is always not likely to find water all the time, even a few shots of it will be valuable.

Look Behind You This is the perfect time to take pictures because this is the time the sun is This one is best done prior to the sun dipping over the horizon. Just prior to that point, the sun usually produces some impressive lighting to anything that happens behind you.

Activate your Filter You should consider neutral density and polarizing when taking pictures of sunsets if you are beginning photography. A neutral density filter will enable you to balance the contrast between the sky and landa while a polarizing filter will remove glare from surfaces such as water.

Chase a Storm A good sunset photo can be taken when there are storms around. This is because lighting and shadow produces by the dark clouds look brilliant in photos and are famous among photographers.

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