CRUSH SIGNS For Guys & Girls
Shilpa • onRelationship 11 years ago • 2 min read


  1. She makes eye contact and smiles at you.

  2. She calls you for homework...A LOT.

  3. She flips her hair when she's talking to you.

  4. She touches your arm when she talks to you.

  5. She says, "No, I'm not telling you who I like!" with a big smile on her face.!

  6. She asks you who you like, or who you would go out with seemingly interest.

  7. When you go to the movies with a bunch of your friends and she is almost always next to you.

  8. She criticizes you on a girl you like.

  9. She knows your WHOLE family's name(including your dog).

  10. She knows stuff about you like your birthday, eye color, favorite color, screen name, favorite food, favorite band, what music you like, and favorite sport.

  11. Her friends outside of school and in school know about you, and says she talks about you a lot.

  12. She knows your phone number and address.

  13. She will try and talk, and spend time withyou as much as possible.


  1. His snow ball hits you(but not in the face).

  2. He threw away his laser pointer after you told him you think they promote random acts of violence.

  3. After asking you to sign his year book, he wrote, "How come we never hang out?" in yours.

  4. He yelled, "Hi!" to your mom that day she picked you up from school.

  5. He blew off his buds to go see Run Away Bride with you because you couldn't get another friend to go and didn't want to go alone.

  6. Forgot your gloves? He let you wear his.

  7. His voice gets softer whenever you two talk.

  8. You hung up on him; he called you back.

  9. You where invited by him to a group outting.

  10. He called you to talk about nothing at all.

  11. He imitates your laugh(okay, you do snort sometimes, which makes you laugheven harder).

  12. He remembers little things you mention in a casual conversation.

  13. He sometimes stares straight into your eyes.



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  • Guest 9 years ago

    FOR THE GUYS- this is a list of indicators of interest- its how you know if a girl is attracted to you, You will need three of each before the girl is in the attraction phase. For more information get the Mystery Method book.

    *She reinitiates conversations when you stop talking *She giggles *She touches you *She tries to get rapport and build comfort with you *She looks back and glances at you repeatedly ever minute or so *She tosses her hair (to see if you will look) *If eye contact happens from a distance, she holds it for a second *She smiles at you *She stands nearby (proximity) *She interrupts your conversation from nearby or laughs at something you said *While walking by, she turns her body toward you or brushes against you *She says something to her friend and they both giggle *She asks you for a light or the time or in any way initiates a conversation *While you're talking to her group, she is particularly talkative (to get your attention) *She asks you for your name *She asks you your age (make her guess) *She compliments you *She is playful and tries to challenge you *She's disagreeing but laughing *She's punching your arm but laughing *She uses nicknames for you *She plays with her hair while talking to you *When she is sitting next to you her leg touches yours *She repeatedly touches you in any way *She asks if you have a girlfriend *She mentions your girlfriend without knowing if you actually have one *When she has to go to the bathroom, she comes back *She holds eye contact for longer periods of time when she speaks with you *She avoids mentioning her boyfriend *If it comes up that you like somthing, she mentions that she likes it, too, or needs someone to show her how to do it *When she says or does something, she looks at you to see your reaction *She looks at you from the side, to hide the fact that she's looking *She introduces you to friends *She buys you a drink *She calls you a player or a heartbreaker *On her way out, she reapproaches you to tell you that she is leaving (Get her #) *On your way out, she asks you where you are going (Invite her) *She returns your calls *She invents reasons to be near you, intereact with you, or have isolation with you

    Passive IOIs

    *Her friends go (to the bathroom or bar or dancing) but she stays *She moves to see you and hangs with you for extended periods *If you move, she follows you or waits for you *She doesn't flinch or pull back if you happen to get too close *She doesn't resist when you escalate physically (or she gives token resistence to avoid feeling like a slut)

    The most important IOIs to look for are:

    *She reinitiates conversation when you stop talking *She giggles *She touches you *She tries to get rapport and build comfort with you