Cure For A Broken Heart – Are You At Risk?
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Life has a way of dealing people with plenty of stress. It doesn’t matter what kind of stress but how people cope with it can make all the difference between sanity and insanity. Is there a cure for a broken heart ?

It’s important to know that hearts do get broken not like a glass plate but it can be hurt from the pain especially after going through emotional and psychological turmoil. It does seem that the pain caused is devastating but broken heart can be healed.

Many people have come through this kind of pain that they feel like they will die from a broken heart. While, many of them get off their grief, some can actually die from a broken heart without them knowing it. Women are at most risk at dying from a broken heart.

It’s called Broken Heart Syndrome. It’s an infliction that afflicts more middle aged women than any other age group. Symptoms of the Broken Heart Syndrome are comparable to those of a heart attack.

Some of the first symptoms that are experienced are chest pain, breath shortness and severe fatigue. Medical help is typically sought out. When monitored at the hospital, an abnormal EKG is noted with severe breathlessness and fluid build up in the lungs. This can lead to congestive heart failure.

A special x-ray test called a cardiac catheterization can show sufferers that what they are feeling symptomatically is not a heart attack but the muscle around their heart as indeed weakened from the strain they are under.

Duke University researchers were able to confirm that extreme levels of stress hormones especially adrenaline like substances were circulating in the blood. A “normal” heart attack would not have these kinds of levels. It was believed that too much stress reduced the heart’s ability to pump out blood.

For most people, the illness gradually goes away but it should never be taken with a grain of salt. Physicians see the Broken Heart Syndrome has an emotional health crisis.

There was a time that feelings were never regarded as the reason we felt physically ill. However, times are showing this is indeed a fallacy. Negative emotions can indeed have harmful effect in the body, causing an illness. So can a broken heart kill you? Yes, it can.

There are 4 ways a person can know if they are at risk from dying with a broken heart. They are:

(1) Recognize and acknowledge how vital your emotional health is. Do not hold in those strong feelings of pain.

(2) Seek out medical advice and help. If they believe the condition warrants it, they may place you in care of a psychologist or psychiatrist.

(3) Set aside some personal time for yourself… at least 15 minutes per day. Use this time to overcome the stresses of the day.

(4) Acknowledge that only you can improve yourself and how you feel. Try doing some meditation or yoga to reverse those negative feelings.

You are the person who can choose to cure a broken heart. So, don’t become a statistic. Remember that you can die from becoming broken hearted. Don’t let it happen to you.

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