Cure For Panic Attack - Stop Your Panic Attack Permanently
Andrew Carmiel • onHealth & Beauty 10 years ago • 2 min read

Panic attack can attack at all time at any place. Whether you are driving, eating food, in the middle of business presentation or walking to mini market, you can get panic attack all of sudden. If you have experienced panic attack, don't worry because throughout this article we will discuss the best cure for panic attack that you can use to stop your panic attack permanently.

Most people make a mistake when they ignore their panic attack. Sure, panic attack will not take your life immediately. But in a long run, it can affect the quality of life that you have. For example, imagine if you are in the middle of date and panic attack suddenly strikes you.

You can go to doctor, and your doctor will most likely give you relief pills. It will work wonder for one night, but once the medication stopped, your panic attack syndrome will strike again.

There is a better way to cure your panic attack. One of those ways is through breathing exercise. The breathing exercise is a simple one: you just need inhale your breath 4 seconds, hold it for 10 seconds and release it for 7 seconds. And do it every 10 minutes a day. This will help calming your nerve and as a result prevent panic attack from striking.

Another proven method is what known as cognitive behavior technique. Cognitive behavior technique is the newest invention from applied psychology field. This technique is developed to make a permanent change in people's behavior.

For example, insomnia sufferers can make a change to their sleeping habit permanently. So the same with panic attack sufferers, with this technique you can make stop your panic attack permanently.

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