Cure Oligospermia Naturally With Herbal Remedies
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Oligospermia or oligozoospermia is a condition of low concentration of sperm in ejaculate. This health disorder commonly seen among men arise when the sperm count is less than 20 million/ml. It is a major risk factor leading way to infertility or impotence. Usage of certain drugs, hormonal changes, over use of alcohol, high temperature conditions and severe fever are some of the causes leading way to oligospermia. Curing oligospermia naturally with herbal remedies can be considered as one of the fastest and safest mode of treatments due to its lack of side effects. Patients undergoing herbal treatments for oligospermia are often recommended to avoid smoking and the intake of alcohol. Now, let’s see some of the herbal remedies for curing oligospermia naturally.

Onion is one among the important natural remedies for curing oligospermia. It is a powerful aphrodisiac food promoting in better functioning of reproductive organs. Patients with oligospermia are advised to include onion in their diet for reducing the risk of infertility. Ladyfinger is another commonly used natural cure for oligospermia condition. Today, root extracts of lady’s finger are commonly available in the market for treatment purposes. Intake of this root powder extract with a cup of milk helps in improving fertility. Lady’s finger is a perfect health tonic and a best choice of herbal remedy for oligospermia. Garlic is another natural remedy used for the treatment of oligospermia. It is a well known aphrodisiac commonly suggested as a remedial measure for the treatment of oligospermia.

Intake of root extracts of asparagus is a widely used herbal remedy for curing oligospermia. Asparagus root extracts or safed musli is a powerful aphrodisiac stated in unani treatments. Spermatogenic property enriched in asparagus root extracts helps in curing impotency. High concentration of zinc and iron present in safed musli makes it one of the best cures for oligospermia. Patients with oligospermia are often recommended to intake asparagus root extracts twice daily for good results. Black raisin is another herbal cure used for the treatment of oligospermia. After washing in hot water, it is recommended to boil with milk. Patients are advised to drink a cup of hot milk after consuming these raisins.

Massaging the whole body by using mud packs and cold water is one of the best natural cures suggested for the treatment of oligospermia with herbal remedies. It has been found highly effective and beneficial for the treatment of oligospermia. Traditional way of applying mud packs on the body of the patients is known as 'ubtans'. Treatment using mud pack is more expensive and time consuming when compared to other herbal remedies for curing oligospermia. Mud pack therapy helps in flushing out toxic materials from your body. It also helps in total rejuvenation and boosting your energy levels.

Saffron powder, an important aphrodisiac is another herbal remedy to cure oligospermia naturally. It is advised to intake saffron powder mixed with milk twice daily for acquiring better results. Body massaging with a mixture of mustard oil and sesame oil is yet another herbal remedy suggested for curing oligospermia. Patients can easily cure oligospermia naturally by following a healthy lifestyle with proper medications.

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Cure Oligospermia
Cure Oligozoospermia


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