Cut The Loss
Cute Girl • onJokes 13 years ago • 1 min read

A newly arrived Immigrant's night shift job took him in a downtown through  a risky area and he often times would get mugged in America the amazing.

To cut the cost of being robbed and save his life a friend advised him to split his money in two pockets.

The friend explained, "If the mugger jumps upon you, you should quickly  slip your one hand in one pocket, pull the money out and hand it to the mugger. 
The mugger would then grab the money and flee. That should cut the your weekly mugging loss in half."

The next day again the guy came out crying of being robbed of all the money and staying hungry during the lunch hour. The friend inquired what happened and  why he did not use the trick?

The guy started explaining: Well suddenly this mugger sneaked up on me with a gun and yelled,  'This is mugging, stick up and give me all you got or else'.

The grieving guy went on, "So in a confusion and panic, I slipped both  hands in my pockets, pulled the money out and hand it to him.



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