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More and more researchers now warn: "The male fertility gradually decreases. The sperm loses both quantity and quality. Once, when a couple could not have a child, looking at all the woman. In recent years, however, men are increasingly infertile, leading to male infertility is now 50% of cases the cause of IVF.

The men seem to lose every year to 2% of the dynamics of their sperm. Minutes this means that not only reduces the number of sperm, but also their mobility. What accounts for the slippery slope that has taken male fertility; O modern lifestyle. The usual suspects? Smoking, environmental pollution, stress, fashion!

Enemies of Sperm


• Substances and alcohol: Alcohol reduces testosterone production in the testes, while hallucinogens and drugs act through suppression of the hypothalamus of the brain, as well as decreasing levels of testosterone. • Abuse of antibiotics: Pharmaceutical substances, such as the usual antibiotics anabolic steroids, etc. can affect the production and function of spermatozoa. • Plastic cups: The daily habit of many years’ men to drink their coffee in a plastic cup may, according to studies, to affect sperm quality because of various substances released from the plastic when it comes into contact with the hot coffee especially. • The nappies: Scientists at the University of Kiel noted that the plastic coating on diapers increases the temperature in the scrotum during the first C. Specifically; they argued that the prolonged increase in testicular temperature during first C may reduce the number of sperm that will produce the child when grown up. • Mobile: There are studies that relate to long-day use of mobile phones with impaired spermatogenesis, but have not clarified the exact relationship. • Your favorite laptop: During the operation, the laptop developed an internal temperature above 70th C and often put their users on their thighs, near the testes, thereby damaging the quality of sperm. The damage can be avoided if you place the laptop on a table or desk, even in the seat next to you.

Ways to increase male fertility

• Limit alcohol: Excessive alcohol consumption can reduce sperm motility in men. • Balanced nutrition: A few months before conception is recommended to improve the diet to increase the chances of success. Recommended, especially the increase making oil omega 3 and omega 6, found in nuts, seeds and oily fish and eating organic foods, like fresh vegetables and whole grain bread. Also, taking folic acid helps strengthen both the sperm and the good health of the fetus. • Note on weight: Obese men may have reduced testosterone levels, which can affect sperm function. • Stop smoking: Smoking is toxic to sperm, thereby affecting their quality. • Stop medications or hormone pills • Relax and try out all the stress, which, inter alia, increase body temperature. • Avoid exposure to excessive heat or chemicals and toxins or radiation. • Make regular tests to make sure that you are not suffering from any disease, but after these changes in your lifestyle, to see whether sperm quality has improved.

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