Damaged Hair Causes, Symptoms, Treatment And Hair Care Tips
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When hair is damaged it becomes dull, brittle, frizzy and out of control. Causes of damaged hair include coloring and permanent chemicals, poor diet or heat from hair dryers. It's impossible to completely repair damaged hair without cutting it off.

Causes of Dry Damaged Hair

Hair is damaged due to various reasons and one of the most common reasons is treating hair to various harsh chemicals like hair colors, hair dyes and hair extensions, treating hair to excessive heat while straightening, blow drying, rebonding and perming, certain hairstyles like braids, etc. The signs of damaged hair are dry, brittle, split or frizzy hair ends.

Hair can develop a dry texture due to the use of chlorine water while washing hair, excessive use of hair care products, pollution and chemical treatments. It can also develop dryness due lack of regular oiling, regular shampooing and conditioning. Dry and damaged hair can lead to many other hair related problems like dandruff, hair loss, etc.

Home Remedies for Damaged Hair

  1. Indian gooseberry is very good for the hair. One can use this in oil form.

  2. Henna conditioning also helps the hair to remain healthy. One can put an egg in henna and then apply it on the hair for sometime and then wash it off.

  3. Do not brush one’s hair when wet.

  4. Eat a diet consisting of essential nutrients.

  5. Wash the hair regularly.

  6. Get rid of dandruff with the help of dandruff shampoo.

  7. One can apply about a cup of mayonnaise to hair that is damp and recently washed. The amount of usage will vary according to the length of the hair. Try coating all of the strands with mayonnaise. Place a shower cap on the head. Let it be for 30 minutes. Then wash it off with a gentle shampoo, and allow the hair to dry.

  8. Mix about 1 egg with a tablespoonful of almond oil, a tablespoonful of coconut oil and about 2 tablespoonful of honey and then apply the mixture on one’s damp hair as well as freshly washed hair. Use a shower cap to cover the hair. Let the mixture remain for 30 minutes. Then wash it off with the help of a gentle shampoo.

  9. Avoid making use of rubber bands. One must use coated bands to hold one’s braid or pony tail.

  10. Oil made up of ginger as well a s sesame can give a silky conditioning to the hair.

  11. One can go in for ginger root remedy for hair that is damaged.

  12. Apple cider vinegar when applied to the hair can restore health to the hair. It provides a healthy shine to the hair. It is a good home remedy for hair that is damaged.
  13. A combination of olive oil as well as rosemary helps improving damaged hair.

  14. One can also use a mix of coconut as well as avocado for damaged hair. Take about one egg and around ½ mashed avocados, add coconut.

  15. One can use coconut sun tan oil.

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