Dandruff How To Get Rid Of
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A young man or woman is going to the meeting. Before leaving home, check cash in your wallet or the shoulders, neck and sweep up the silver white scales. Even during the meeting is to be constantly monitored. However, most cosmetic companies promise that their deal with dandruff shampoo. Is it really that easy?

Dandruff annoy people from time immemorial, although they are dying, people may long-term stress. They can also be a symptom of other serious illnesses. Devil kopytko hiding the fact that the skin is constantly renewing all people. It happens at about the four-week cycles. The distinct occurrence of dandruff, it is always faster recovery. Normally, separation of scales, are invisible to the naked eye and remain undetected.


Visibility dandruff affects the quality of sebum. Stiffer smear "glue" in drobnohledne scales larger scales, which are clearly visible and reliably adhere to the dress. Nothing new under the sun. With certainty it can be assumed that the social problems addressed lupovitostí mankind from time immemorial. Thus, the magnifying glass and undoubtedly Janacek early man.

What is the cause?

Although recently discussed what he has dandruff, the cause was actually already well known. The discovery of the agent succeeded in 1873 by accident Rivoltovi Italy. When microscopically investigated scaly deposits on its face, appeared round to oval bodies, which were considered the cause of his illness on his face.

These yeasts are not pathogenic. It belongs to the normal skin flora everyone. Love above all fats (lipids), which contains lots of just skin sebum genetic predisposition and hormonal influences affect many people in both overgrowth of sebaceous glands, but the overproduction of sebum. Such a situation allows the yeast proliferation with excessive production of metabolites that are irritating to the skin peeling or inflammation.

Stress that have particularly dire consequences, like hormones and psychosocial influences. Also, inappropriate hygiene and eating habits support lupovitost. May have an adverse impact headgear of inappropriate materials such as wool and polyamide.


Dandruff is not the disease. It is generally known, a common and socially annoying problem that appears in the first half of life for nearly 40% of the population. It is a discrete peeling skin, especially visible at first in the scalp. The scales are sitting on a normal inflammatory base. It is sometimes complicated by different intense itching!

The first symptoms come with puberty. The men usually finally disappear as soon as a stable bald. It appears that the disposition inherited from father to son. Women tend to have more problems with dandruff.

What you can do yourself a preventive

  • Regular skin care is already by itself deprives the body of difficulties, even when the zoom is not any proof of negligence, personal hygiene! Washing your hair more harm, like fanning a higher air temperature. The washing should be just a special shampoo or detergent designed for children.
  • Dietary measures do not influence the manifestation of dandruff; follow a good eating schedule "Goldilocks".
  • Cotton headgear has a positive effect. Synthetic fabrics, silk and wool scarves symptoms worsen.
  • Effective prevention is the exclusion or limitation of provocation factors.

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