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Darjeeling is set amidst pristine hills and the plush green surroundings, in a region that is home to many Darjeeling hotels and resorts. Staying in these resorts are an ideal way to stay in Darjeeling. Many of the resorts have individual bungalows that are located on hills and can only be reached by walking up winding pathways that are surrounded by many different types of fauna. These resorts are located away from the crowded town center and offer a peaceful and tranquil setting for leisure travelers.

Some of the resorts that are located in the hills of Darjeeling are the Mayfair Hill Resort, New Elgin Hotel, Cedar Inn, Hotel Lunar, Hotel North Star, Hotel Shambhu and Hotel Mohit Private Limited. One striking thing about these resorts is the fact that manyof these were built during the early British rule, and they stand as huge Victorian examples of a legacy left behind. History buffs and people with some taste in architecture will love the designs in these bungalows.

The Windamere Hotel was originally built as a house for some British tea planters. The bungalow still retains much of its colonial charm and is a perfect place to stay. Located among the hills of Darjeeling, the Windamere Hotel provides colonial style furnished rooms and the cuisine is a good blend of local and British influences. The hotel also has a separate honeymoon cottage. You can opt for a stay with your significant other in these honeymoon cottages, which will offer you excellent privacy and some good peace of mind.

Another interesting resort that is located among the hills of Darjeeling is the Fortune Hotel. The hotel is situated with a commanding view of the snow capped peaks and mountains. This breath taking view is one of the main attractions of the hotel. The rooms are spacious and are plush with excellent carpeting and comfortable beds, and these are unmatched in Darjeeling’s many hotels.

The Fortune Hotel is known for its grandeur and its unmatched views. The hotel is also described as a heritage hotel and the architecture of the Fortune Hotel is also outstanding. It is among the premier hotels in Darjeeling and the hotel is set away from the crowded center and provides excellent personalized service and the hospitality is among the best in the hill station. The cuisine is also excellent and many local influences can be felt in the fare.

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