Darjeeling - The Call Of The Mountain Side
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Hotels in Darjeeling offer a lot to the weary traveler- they provide great levels of comfort for nominal and moderate rates. You can pick your choice from the many hotels that are available in the region, depending on your budget constraints and your necessities. Darjeeling hotels have something in them for everyone.

You can find many budget hotels along the Mall and along Zakir Hussain Road or Gandhi Road. These are the main areas where these budget hotels are concentrated, and they provide excellent views from their room, making sure that your stay in Darjeeling is tinted with snapshots of the local scenery.

You can opt for rooms in Darjeeling from the Bird’s Eye View, which is a budget hotel located near the top of the hill. You can also opt for rooms in Hotel Aliment, Hotel Pineridge, Hotel New Samrat, Zakir Hussain Rd Lodging and Revolver.

The Revolver is quite an interesting place that is sure to catch your attention with its themed rooms and excellent view. This hotel has five plush and intricately designed and furnished rooms that are dedicated to the Beatles. Each room is named after a particular Beatle and the fifth room is dedicated to Brian Epstein, who has been labeled as the fifth Beatle. Wi-Fi services are provided in these rooms, and all rooms in this hotel are equipped with double beds and hot water showers.

For people who are intrigued by an old world charm, rooms are available in Hotel Pineridge. The major advantage of booking a room in this hotel is the view offered in all its rooms- as all rooms in this hotel face the Kanchenjunga. The rooms are well furnished, with old world furniture and ornate fireplaces. Rooms here are also well priced at around 850 INR to 1200 INR per night, and tourists who flock to Darjeeling frequent this hotel, hence rooms must be booked in advance.

You can opt for either air conditioned rooms or non airconditioned rooms from these budgets hotels and mid range hotels. This is not the case with the luxury hotels as these hotels have air conditioned rooms that also have heater facilities. This way, you can opt for air conditioning during the summer months and room heating during the winter months. High end hotels will provide you with excellent views and a ton of such amenities for rates hovering around 7000 INR. These hotels are preferred by today's travelers.

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