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But which of the growing population of women with their ways of free-flying wild cradle? Is this another Maggie May, who, as Mital John says, will "wreck your bed and the kick-off in the morning you head?" Or is it only a desperado, hoping to lock over a generation kinder, gentler men? Here are some insights as to why some women prefer to date younger guys.

  1. More young guys look up to an older woman and successful. Let's talk about these babies corporate power again. Sometimes it is isolated in higher ... but not when there is a cutie-pie smiling ecstatically up to you! There is something to be said for having a younger guy who admires you for your accomplishments. It makes you feel great, and the sad fact is, you can not always get that kind of respect for an older man.


  1. The metro sexual male is our cup of tea. Nothing like having your boy over for a fun afternoon and discovering borrowed your loran in the shower. The new generation of open-minded type is A-OK in our book! This guy can whip up a Thai stir-fry using organic ingredients, groom his nails and toenails, are politically correct to a fault, and will not eat Star-Kist if it could harm the baby dolphins.

  2. Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Some of us are completely immature, and we are not afraid to say! Perhaps "young at heart" is the line better, but the point is this: some old gallons really just want to have fun. Lots of broads who also pushing fifty still rock out to concerts, drive 70 mph with the top down, stay out all night, flip people if necessary, and generally wreak havoc.

  3. Not every girl wants a father figure. Often, a man who is older than you assumes a protective and paternal and many women, it's a real arrest. Not to mention, the woman who runs a high-paying job Monday through Friday exec may have some trouble playing Heather abandoned on weekends.

  4. Younger men are often better in bed. Remember sex with your girlfriend college? This cat Friday of `21 is now tigress of temptation. Something funny happens to women as they age. Their increased levels of testosterone; oddly enough, around the same time as they fall.

  5. Some women are behind the defeats. Embarrassing as it may be, plenty of chicks spend the better part of their 20s mired in self-doubt and confusion. Instead of kicking back like they should have, rainclouds pessimism dragged to dampen their fun and turn them into neurotic phenomena.

  6. The guys in their prime are ohhhh, so fine. If you had to choose between a thick, juicy steak and some shriveled up beef jerky that you would select? In the same way that men can not help looking at supple young girls, we ladies find ourselves drawn to the types below thirty. Younger men have tight bodies, bright eyes, big smiles, and usually a crowd of buddies to keep them laughing and pumped for excitement.

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