Dealing With Teeth, Gingivitis And Gum Disease
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The mouth is inhabited by microorganisms. Microorganisms are transporting the food, especially sugary acid. The acid residues of food, saliva and microorganisms cooperate in the creation of dental plaque. If the plaque remained glued to the tooth and is not removed, then picks up salts, harden. The acids in plaque leading to the creation and decay. The caries destroys the enamel of the tooth - the outer substance of the tooth - and creating wells, holes in the tooth.

Symptoms of dental caries and gingivitis : 1. Toothache - especially after a hot or cold 2. Visible cavities in the tooth 3. Bleeding gums when cleaning teeth or automatically 4. Increased mobility of teeth due to the dissolution of the bone

Prevention - Tips Good oral hygiene is the main weapon against tooth decay and gum disease. This means proper brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day. Foods that stick to teeth like nuts or candies are best taken with a meal. A continuous like chewing food, leading to continuous production of acids in the mouth. If possible after receipt of such foods, regular brushing teeth or rinsing with water.

An important preventive measure against dental caries is the use of "obstructive holes and cracks" of the so-called sealants. The sealant can be applied to children soon after the suspension of the back teeth. The sealants are minute’s entrapment material covering the surface points of back teeth that are prone to decay, as well as surface cracking of the tooth. Intake of fluoride also helps prevent against tooth decay. Fluoride incorporated into the tooth and makes the tooth enamel more resistant to acids. The fluoride contained in toothpaste or mouthwash.

Treatment One does not restore a damaged tooth itself. The evolution of the disaster, but through the decay can be halted. At this point it is necessary to visit the dentist. The dentist will remove caries with a wheel or laser. The laser is simply light high power. The application in connection with the wheel especially suited to children, stressful patients and elderly patients. After removing the decay, the remaining surface of the tooth is amended appropriately to accept the so-called sealing of the tooth. If tooth decay is very advanced it is recommended to cover the tooth with a crown. In the case of pulp necrosis of dental caries is no longer able to endodontic treatment, the so-called root canal treatment. At this point needed to clean the root canal of the tooth, removing both vessels, and nerves of the tooth. As a rule needs to be placed on this tooth crown. This may stabilize the weakened tooth in the window.

Other reasons that increase the risk of gum disease are: * pregnancy * uncontrolled diabetes * Smoking * anxiety * inadequate nutrition * effects of various drugs * uneven and crooked teeth * age.

The Symptoms of gingivitis include: * Redness and swelling of the gums * Easy bleeding gums, especially in brushing.

Warning signs of gum disease: 1. Red, irritated, swollen scar that cause pain locally or elsewhere in the mouth
2. Bleeding from the scar after brushing or cleaning the teeth with floss or after eating hard food
3. Receding gums away from the teeth making them to look farther than before
4. Laxity or separation of teeth
5. Presence of pus in the teeth or scar
6. Mouth ulcers
7. Constant bad breath mouth
8. Change the ways in which contact the teeth when the patient bites
9. Lesions in the application of artificial dentures

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