Definition Of Cirrhosis Of The Liver
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Cirrhosis of the liver is called hepatitis seal when infected liver damage with fibrosis replaced by healthy tissue which prevents it from working well. This fibrosis appears after several years of inflammation of the liver, where tissue surrounding Almtlevp healthy cells, which make the tissue, become nodes. This is nodal tissue can close the bile ducts and makes them swollen, which makes the liquid falls back to the liver, bile and the blood stream.

The Nodal these tissues can prevent the flow of blood from the intestines to the liver, which increases the pressure in the veins that connect to this area and provide them with blood, especially the area of the portal vein.


This situation is called portal hypertension, portal hypertension, which makes the water accumulates in the body occurs and a bloody bleeding from the veins bulging in the gastrointestinal tract. One of the reasons that accelerate the appearance, drinking wine for years or because of chronic viral hepatitis.

The definition of cirrhosis of the liver:

• No member of the human body performs numerous functions, such as the liver, which include: • Responsible for clotting factors in the blood. • Responsible for the prevention of the impact of toxins on the human body and its equivalent such as drug or alcohol. more about the impact of toxins on the human body • Responsible for the production (secretion) yellow that helps the body absorb fat and cholesterol • Responsible for maintaining normal rates of sugar in the blood. • Responsible for organizing the work of many hormones.

The main symptoms:

• A sense of fatigue. • Loss of appetite. • Nausea and vomiting. • Pain in the abdomen. • General weakness. • Weight loss • High temperature and fever. • Loss of focus.

Causes of Cirrhosis of the Liver:

Excessive alcohol, because alcohol has a toxic effect on liver cells, and may differ the influence of alcohol when you drink from one person to another so that the large amount condition only for the infection... The women more vulnerable to infection than men and even if it was handling small quantities.

Prevention of cirrhosis of the liver:

• Avoid alcohol should not exceed two glasses for men and one glass for women per day and if you suffer from any chronic problems in the liver or hepatitis epidemic you should avoid alcohol altogether. • Avoid HIV infection hepatitis virus (B or C), and through drug injection or illicit sexual intercourse with different people. • Tattoo, to ensure the use of sterile instruments and clean when you print tattoos on the skin or for any other purpose. • Vaccination against viral infection (B) in three doses, which contributes 90% of protection against this disease. • Working in the medical field for them to take preventive action when exposure to blood.

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