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Mark Sampson • onFashion 12 years ago • 4 min read

Words cannot express my absolute love and adoration for louis vuitton purses! Realistically, who doesn’t love these fashion accessories, and envy anyone who has enough money to afford them.  However, for a lot of people out there a louis vuitton purse is nothing more than a fantasy, simply because the price of a louis vuitton purse can often exceed part of a person’s annual salary. 

I have really saved up every pay cheque in a vain attempt to be able to own the ultimate in women’s fashion, since louis vuitton does carry one of the highest price tags in the business of women’s accessories and let’s be honest fashion in general.  I am aware there are many places out there selling replica womens handbags and at first I thought it may be a problem to buy a replica. 

However I soon realized there are some sites which provided high quality aaa replica handbags for only 150$ in many cases…Much more affordable of a price tag for a young gal like myself.  Lately I have purchased about 3 handbags and loved them all equally.  Of course, my all time favourite brand is going to have to the be the louis vuitton purses.  I know it’s a bit typical of a girl to have an infatuation with louis vuitton, girls, I know its really cliché but I absolutely love these French bags, they are adorable, classy, fashionable, and much much more.  A gal has not really lived until she has walked down the street with one of these.

In addition, to louis vuitton bags, I must admit, I am addicted to getting my hands on a chanel purse.  Similar to the louis vuittons though a chanel purse is pretty costly to purchase in a boutique.  I  do honestly adore their style and quality in craftsmanship I could definitely see myself walking down the street carrying one of these sexy chanel bags it would surely turn some envious heads in my direction…I guess no one else really does need to know I purchased a replica handbag from  To own a chanel purse is to truly live and to definitely possess one of the greatest pieces of fashion that you can in this modern day.  I absolutely love my chanel handbag it is gorgeous and I take it almost everywhere and it shows no sign of wear.  Thank god I found the best online shop in existence to purchase handbags and any fashion luxury item a girl could desire.

One last thing I just feel I have to express, its about them sexy prada purses they have got to be my Italian dream.  I would honestly travel to Europe just to get my hands on one of these designer handbags. Imagine having a prada handbag, with chanel, and louis vuitton…god it would just be too much for my wildest dreams.  Designer handbags have truly come along way and the brands and styles just keep getting better.  Of course, you cant ignore the classic styles as well they are very elegant and luxurious. Its impossible though to say for 100% what the best designer handbag company is, there are just too many great ones.

Lately, I came across another French designer called Goyard. They have some very amazing classic european handbags and I did some reasearch on the company and was surprised to discover that they actually outdate louis vuitton as a company and are a several hundred year old luggage manufacturer and purse maker from France.

To briefly talk about men's fashion rolex watches are an amazing thing. Its possible though that rolex watches may be more expensive even than louis vuitton because they have very complex components and are handmade in Switzerland. If you cannot afford real rolex you could always purchase replica rolex.

Well girls, enough of my fantasizing about handbags, you should all go out and buy one now, if I had endless money I would buy 1 of every kind!


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    Today people are very concern about their fashion and style and hand bags is included in that.designer handbags are available in good design and features and in cheap price.people are now attracting towards them.