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Many people love to relate directly to another person with the desire to have a child. However, so-called marriages of convenience are a sign that a family is possible without involving feelings of love, when the goal is to perpetuate a name or heritage. By contrast, some couples do not want to have children despite feeling a great love for each other.

These two examples do not correspond to the norm, but are perfectly possible. In any case, that your partner does not wish to have a child in the immediate future does not mean that you will like it or not valued enough.


The treatment of assisted reproduction can be divided into those with low complexity and those already within the range of high complexity, due to several factors:

• Guidelines to streamline the complicated legal adoption • Surrogate Matrices in Mexico City "best public policy? • One possibility for those unable to have children • Causes of infertility in couples. • Number of treatment failures. • Age of women. • State of the sperm of men. • Texture of the endometrial in the case of women.

Difficulty conceiving

Couples, if they realize they have trouble having children, starting a career background that aims to become parents.

And given the difficulty of design, attending a specialist to find a solution to their fertility problems. Then, begin lengthy and costly treatments like in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination.

When all the airways start to close and the baby does not arrive, the couple goes through emotional ups and downs ranging between illusion and moments of frustration. After several years trying to have a biological child, some couples decide to abandon the race to become parents.

For others, however, the door of motherhood and fatherhood are open and decide to start the process of adoption.

The age is critical, the personal circumstances as well, conscious and unconscious desire to have children, the undeniable pulse of nature, even just not thinking too much on the alternatives and follow the path prescribed (dating, marriage, motherhood.)

But that gives me the impression that he is right in many cases: for many women at his side an ideal companion is the catalyst.

The decision not to have children may be determined by social or environmental situation now. However, this decision may have been fed since childhood, when he experienced the frustration and pain of his parents to see their dreams evaporate and their life projects against the responsibilities of parenting, the economic burdens of a family or deterioration of the couple and separation.

Another important factor for both women and men, the couple Dink, it is the impact on aging with respect to the role of mother or father who lived in his childhood. Many were daughters of women die within the mother, or do they also saw a string of resignations in sexuality, beauty and freedom, which led to a loss of value and meaning, that the wife of the couple Dink also vows never to repeat.

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