Diabetes And Sexual Health Erectile Dysfunction Problem
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Diabetes mellitus is the most common cause of ED, resulting in 28% of patients who come to be considered for erectile disorder is diabetic. 50% of diabetic patients have erection problems, but if diabetes combined with hypertension rate reaches 80%. From this we understand that the diabetic disease and ED are two matters of great interest, both medical and social.

Several times erectile disorder is the first symptom of the manifestation of diabetic disease and for this reason it is necessary to control and glucose levels in patients complain of erectile problems. It should be mentioned that diabetic patients may present as problems relating to both ejaculation and sexual desire.

International studies have shown that diabetic patients are regulated by diet are less likely to experience erectile disorder from those who need either insulin or hypoglycemic drugs. It has also been shown that the occurrence of ED in these patients is associated with increase of age in the course of the disease, the occurrence of complications from diabetes and the control of sugar level in blood. Other studies have linked the risk of erectile disorders in diabetics with alcohol and the use of antihypertensive medications. It should not be ignored and the psychological factor may be particularly influenced in diabetics and also contribute to these problems. Apart from good control of blood glucose levels, treatment in case of ED in diabetic patients.

Diabetics should be aware that all cases of diabetes, regardless of their weight, there are nowadays reliable, safe and scientific solutions.

ED is a problem for many men and could be the result of underlying psychological or physical condition. Some chronic diseases like diabetes can cause ED in men.

People who had a normal sexual life, but suddenly have problems with sexual satisfaction and difficulty keeping an erection should consult a doctor for further diagnosis.

Many people believe that the cause could be another condition like diabetes. Diabetes can cause sexual dysfunction in men and women. Women with diabetes are more likely to have sexual dysfunction than non-diabetic women. Men with diabetes may experience low sexual libido, failure of erection and even ejaculate. This could be caused by the low level of production of testosterone in their body. In women, diabetes can cause vaginal dryness, pain with sexual intercourse and also to reduce the sexual libido.

Diabetes can cause obesity, depression, urinary tract infections and also an overactive bladder in humans. This can also affect sexual disharmony between the couples. Treatment of ED because of diabetes can be achieved by keeping blood sugar levels and also informed the control of the disease. There is no real cure for diabetes and the only solution is to keep the disease under control and testing. This can be done following a healthy diet and how to exercise. At the same time after for a long as it was found that problems such as ED can also be solved.

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  • Guest 8 years ago

    Hi, Great knowledge provided. Diabetes And Erectile Dysfunction is usually a problem for a surprising number of men. Men having diabetes are at a higher risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction, or impotence, especially if their diabetes is not kept well under control. Erectile dysfunction means you cannot have an erection that is sufficient to perform sexual intercourse. Many men experience short-term episodes of erectile dysfunction but, for about one in 10 men, the problem may continue.Fifty percent of men with diabetes will suffer from ED within 10 years of diagnosis.