Diabetes And Smoking Do Not Mix
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Diabetes- Diabetics who smoke increase the chances of heart disease and other ailments, Smoking is good for anyone, but diabetics are especially vulnerable are particularly vulnerable to the effects of this bad habit. In diabetic patients who smoke, take chances because of heart disease greatly increased.

Nicotine has the ability to handle large and small blood vessels to harden and / or do toeslippen. This means less blood flow throughout the body. Diabetic patients are already at greater risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, nerve damage, sore feet and many other disorders.

Especially for diabetic patients is important as soon as possible to quit smoking. No matter how long or how much a person has smoked, quitting reduces the risk of (primarily) heart disease. The benefits of stopping smoking are so obvious:


• Probably will ride with the decision to quit smoking live longer • Improve your health, you will at least feel a lot better

Sporty performance-better breathing will be easier for example a

• Your look will probably improve, smoking can cause wrinkles, yellow teeth and a dull skin • The feeling of touch and taste will improve greatly • Lots of money (smoking is becoming more expensive)

For diabetic patients to stop smoking even more important than other people. Here are some tips that will make it easier for you to quit smoking from the American Cancer Society:

• Make sure no lighter or matches on hand, avoid the vicinity of ashtrays • Who feels an urgent need for a cigarette, takes a deep breath better. Keep the air about 10 seconds into your lungs and breathe out slowly. Deep, regular breathing has the same effect as smoking. The difference is that you breathe fresh air instead of toxic fumes. • Spend as much time in non-smoking places, avoid places where smoking is possible. Fortunately, more and more places are no longer allowed to smoke. Go out to dinner with friends who do not smoke or who try to quit smoking. • Eat as healthy as possible, with much emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables. Food is a good substitute for smoking types, provided that you eat healthy. Do you still need a cigarette stand, choose a sugar-free gum. • Physical activity can help to defuse tension. Small things can make a difference, for example by taking the stairs instead of the elevator. When using public transportation, get off one stop earlier and then the • Drink plenty of water, the sentence in lighting a cigarette away. Eligible even decaf tea, juice and other healthy soft drinks. To avoid his (real) coffee and alcohol. Both caffeine and alcohol may increase desire to smoke.

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