Diabetes Causes And Symptoms And Diabetes Diet And Remedies To Control Diabetes And Blood Sugar
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Diabetes or diabetes mellitus is a disorder which results in high level of glucose in the blood. Body cells consume glucose and then convert it into energy which is required for doing the everyday tasks. The pancreatic cells release insulin hormone which stimulates the cells to consume glucose.

Type 2 diabetes causes

In a healthy individual, the pancreas releases insulin to help the body to store and use the glucose from the food, we eat. Type 2 diabetes causes may be any one of the following:

  1. Pancreas does not able to produce enough insulin and causes diabetes.

  2. Body does not properly respond to insulin (that is not sensitive to insulin), a condition called "insulin resistance", which causes diabetes

  1. Or both shortage of insulin and insulin resistance.

Type 1 diabetes causes

Some genes may be behind the type 1 diabetes causes, but mostly it is triggered by the following:

  1. Auto immune disorder, our body immune system itself attacks by mistakenly identified as enemy and destroys the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas. Thus pancreas losses its ability to produce insulin and can cause diabetes.

  2. Pancreas beta cells damaged by cystic fibrosis or pancreatic surgery can cause high blood glucose called diabetes.

Home Remedies for Diabetes

  1. Consume one tablespoon of bitter gourd (karela) juice every morning. It may not immediately give results, but will definitely decrease the intensity of the condition.

  2. Soak one teaspoon of fenugreek (methi) seeds in water at night, drink that water in the morning and chew and eat the soaked seeds. This helps reduce the blood sugar level.

  3. Wash a green banana and peel it and put the peel in a jar. Now fill with water and drink this water thrice a day. This water will help in lowing sugar level. Change the peel every alternate day and refill the jar with water as you drink.

  4. Take fifteen fresh mango leaves and boil them in one glass of water. Keep them overnight. Filter and drink the mixture the next morning. This is a very common home remedy for diabetes.

  5. Another effective home remedy for diabetes is the grapefruit. Grapefruit is considered quite beneficial in lowering blood glucose level. Eat 3-4 grapefruits thrice in a day for good result.

  6. Take the powder of the fenugreek (methi) seeds two to three times a day to control the sugar in blood and urine.

  7. One can also control diabetes by drinking water kept overnight with the tender leaves of guava tree and sadabahar plant soaked in it.

  8. Boil a teaspoon of black cumin seeds (kalonji) in a glass of water till it reduces to half. If taken consistently for long term, it helps to control the blood sugar.

  9. Prepare a mixture by adding equal quantities of dried gooseberry powder and turmeric powder with honey; or drink a mixture containing equal quantities of fresh turmeric juice and gooseberry juice in an empty stomach regularly.

  10. Prepare herbal tea with powdered fried fenugreek and wheat, taken in equal quantities. This also helps in normalizing blood sugar levels.

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