Diabetes Causes And Symptoms And Tips To Control Diabetes
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Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder and a person having disorder having problem in converting sugars, starches and other foods into energy. Even in this situation diet can also play very important role. Diabetics always need to take care of their diet and also about the food they eat. Using diabetic food pyramid can prove a wonder for the persons having diabetes.

Causes for Diabetes

Although the causes of diabetes are still unknown, medical science does know that certain factors contribute to its development.

  1. Heredity
  2. Food
  3. Stress that affects the cells of the body seems to set the stage for diabetes in these people.. Obesity

Symptoms of Diabetes

  1. Unusual thirst,
  2. frequent and profuse urination,
  3. loss of weight despite increased appetite and food intake,
  4. weakness and drowsiness,
  5. itching of the skin and boils.

Diet for Diabetes

  1. Low carbohydrate, sugar-free, low cholesterol vegetarian diet
  2. To avoid potatoes, rice, sugar and sugar products
  3. Salads of leafy green vegetables and lightly boiled vegetables should be preferred
  4. Spices, oil and ghee should be consumed in minimum quantity


There is no cure for diabetes as of now. The only thing that people with diabetes type one can do is inject their selves with insulin. If you have type two, then you can take a pill to control yours. Another great way to take care of your diabetes is to watch what you eat. If you eat the right kinds of foods, then you should be able to handle your diabetes very easily.

Home Remedies to Cure Diabetes

  1. Take juice of bilva and parijataka leaves in equal parts for natural remedy of diabetes. Take two teaspoons of it twice a day.
  2. Avoid drinking alcohol (including beer, gin, wines and whisky).
  3. Take two teaspoons of powdered Fenugreek seeds with milk. Two teaspoons of the seeds can also be swallowed whole, daily.
  4. Avoid sweets, chocolates, rice, banana, grapes, mangoes, dry fruits, oils, cakes and pastries.
  5. Boil 15 fresh Mango leaves in 1 glass of water. Leave overnight. Filter this water and drink first thing in the morning.
  6. Eat green vegetables, coriander, cucumber, cabbage, coconut, chenopodium album (bathu), creeper of pumpkin, cucumber, cabbage, bitter guard, carrot, tomato, lemon, radish, onion and ginger
  7. Avoid infections, burns and injuries as they develop ketosis in such stressful conditions.
  8. Take 400 mcg. a day of chromium picolinate makes insulin more efficient helping keep sugar level low. Chromium maintains stable blood sugar levels through proper insulin utilization and can be helpful for people with diabetes and/or hypoglycemia.
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