Diabetes Causes, Symptoms And Treatments And Cure Using Natural Home Remedies
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Diabetes is a condition when the body has high level of blood glucose and the excretion of the excess glucose in the urine. It is a chronic nutritional disorder. In this case, the body is unable to break the sugar levels and also cannot produce insulin. While the former causes excess of sugar level in the blood, the latter is concerned loss of energy. Diabetes is gradually emerging out as a big problem in the world at large. While the disorder mostly strikes the obese people in middle or older age, it is also common in the youth as well.

The normal sugar content should be is 80 -120mg per 100 ml of blood. When it is above this level, it needs to be controlled. Diabetes causes hunger, weight loss, thirst, urination, dehydration. In severe cases also, heart disease, hearing and vision problems are also caused. However, the level of sugar can be controlled with minimum efforts. Read onto know some home remedies to treat diabetes naturally.

Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus

Following are the major diabetes symptoms:

  1. Increased thirst

  2. Frequent urination

  3. Increase in appetite

  4. Weight loss in type 1 diabetes

  5. Obesity in type 2 diabetes

  6. Skin irritation or infection

  7. Decreased healing capacity

  8. Weakness or loss of strength

  9. Erection problems

Causes of Diabetes

Following are the major diabetes causes:

  1. Hereditary factors

  2. Excess intake of carbohydrate foods like chocolates, rice etc

  3. Insulin deficiency

  4. Insulin resistance

  5. High blood pressure

  6. High cholesterol

  7. Stressful and over burdened life

  8. Lack of exercise or physical activities

  9. Excess eating habits

Home Remedies for Diabetes

Some of the home and herbal remedies prescribed by Ayurveda are described below.

  1. Include turmeric and cinnamon in your diets. You can even take one teaspoon of cinnamon daily.

  2. Soak one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in 1 cup of water overnight. Drink this water in the morning on an empty stomach and eat the seeds.

  3. Take a bitter gourd, remove the seeds and saturate in a cup of water. Drain this preparation and drink every morning.

  4. Boil around fifteen mango leaves in one cup of water. Keep it over night and filter in the morning. Drink every morning on an empty stomach.

  5. Avoid oily, fried and starchy foodstuffs.

  6. Avoid coffee, sugar, refined flour and alcohol.

  7. Eat smaller meals (low fat diet) five to six times a day instead of having three large meals.

  8. Increase intake of vegetables like spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, onion, sprouts, beans, garlic etc.

  9. Refrain from taking stress.

  10. Do regular exercise. Walk for at least 40 minutes a day.

  11. Avoid red meat and excessive salt in your meals. Fish and soy can be taken due to their good protein value. Diabetic Diet Sample Meal and Food

The ideal diabetic meal will consist of a combination of foods. Some foods cross categories, like bread products that are high in fat, dairy items that provide protein, and starchy vegetables. Our needs will vary depending on the time of day and how much physical activity we engage in. Following is a sample diabetic diet meal:

One serving of protein (3 oz of chicken, lean beef or fish)

One serving of bread (whole grain roll, tortilla or ½ cup pasta)

One serving of dairy (cheese, milk or low-fat sour cream)

One serving vegetables (fist sized portion or a small bowl of salad)

One serving fruit (tennis ball sized or ½ cup sliced)

Small amounts of unsaturated fats are needed, so add a little dressing or a pat of soft margarine. Avoid sweets; consider the fruit your dessert!

Foods that should be avoided include; fatty red meat, organ meat, highly processed food, fried food, fast food, high cholesterol food and foods rich in saturated fat.

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