Diabetes Inability To Regulate Sugar In Blood, Herbs Can Control It
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Diabetes is the inability to regulate how much sugar, especially the blood glucose. Blood glucose gives you the energy you need to do things like walking, running, biking and a multitude of other daily activities.

When we eat foods blood glucose is produced by the liver. Under normal conditions glucose is regulated by several hormones including insulin. Insulin is produced in the pancreas along with other important enzymes that help digestion of food. Insulin allows glucose to pass from blood to the liver, muscle and fat cells, where it is used as fuel.

When a person does not produce enough insulin which is known as type 1 diabetes. Another situation where a person can not properly use insulin is called type 2 diabetes. People can have one or two forms of the disease. The problem is that glucose can not move blood cells that need energy and high levels remaining in the blood can cause damage to other tissues and organs.

Both forms of diabetes led to levels of blood sugar are called hyperglycemia. This condition over a long period of time will lead to several serious medical conditions. The damage to the retina of the eye in diabetes is the leading cause of blindness. It can also cause damage to the kidneys, causing renal failure. The nerve damage from diabetes is the leading cause of ulcers and wounds in the legs that can lead to amputation of feet and legs. The herbs can be controlled diabetes

Diabetes is detected if a person can not be cured but can be controlled by appropriate medications and natural herbal medicine may be the best when they are administered regularly over a healthy lifestyle. But it is important to check blood sugar levels frequently to test the effectiveness of any treatment.

  1. Cinnamon has properties similar to insulin. It also reduces blood cholesterol and triglycerides are also important factors for type 2 diabetes. A half teaspoon of cinnamon each day in the diet may reduce the blood glucose level.

  2. Bitter gourd has several compounds that help reduce blood sugar levels. Taking the time to juice in the morning on an empty stomach can give the desired results.

  3. The onion is a compound that is able to block the distribution of insulin and also stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin. Gives good results if they eat raw or boiled form.

  4. Fenugreek seeds as a spice widely used in various recipes from India can lower levels of blood sugar. A teaspoon of seeds powder if taken with a glass of water a day helps treat.

  5. Asian ginseng is traditionally used by Chinese to treat diabetes. This herb stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin and increase the number of insulin receptors. These help in reducing blood glucose levels.

  6. Blueberry leaves gave good results in the body rid of excess blood glucose. Plunging few leaves in hot water and drink three cups a day can produce good results.

Diabetes increases the risk for many health problems that can be very serious. However, with proper treatment and lifestyle changes can delay or prevent any complication. Herbal medicines are useful in treating diabetes, since no additional chemical that produces no side effects, but also treat other disorders at the same time. Along with medications for diabetes need enough physical exercise and a healthy nutritious diet to be given due importance. Read more on diabetes supplements for cure for diabetes and remedies for diabetes.

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