Diabetes Leads To Many Other Health Complications, Steps To Cure Diabetes
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Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to many other health complications that you can not think about until your doctor tells you that one of them. Anyone with diabetes knows the typical problems associated with the disease-thirst, the fear of wounds to wake up at dawn, tiredness, tremor, etc.

While these problems should be enough to make you want to take a proactive about your life, too often these very problems that make people live a life of ever-increasing weight gain and stagnation. It is of utmost importance to take control of your diabetes through the implementation of proper nutrition, exercise and reduce stress.

These simple but lifesaving change in lifestyle will allow you to halt the progress of the problems listed below and hopefully reduce your need for drug control agents.

Some of the other health risks you may encounter are: Heart disease and strokes, diabetes increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. 50% of people with diabetes die of cardiovascular disease mainly heart disease and strokes.

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our doctors to keep a diabetic diet may stem some of your body fat gain; Exercise is the answer to a comprehensive plan for heart attack and stroke prevention. Reduce your carbohydrate intake is simply not enough.

Kidney disease-Diabetes is among the leading causes of kidney failure. 10-20% of people with diabetes die of kidney failure.

Renal disease will lead to the need for further medication and possibly spending the rest of life on dialysis.

-Diabetic retinopathy is a major cause of blindness, and occurs as a result of long-term accumulated damage to small blood vessels of the retina.

After 15 years of diabetes, approximately 2% of people who are blind, and about 10% develop severe visual impairment.

Diabetic neuropathy, nerve damage due to diabetes, and affects 50% of people with diabetes. Although many different problems can occur as a result of diabetic neuropathy, common symptoms are tingling, pain, numbness or weakness in the legs and hands.

Foot ulcers-combined with reduced blood flow, neuropathy in the feet increases the chance of foot ulcers and eventual amputation. Loss of mobility is the fastest path to overweight and body fat gain that brings you right back to the top of this list.

The overall risk of death among people with diabetes is at least double the risk of their peers not diabetes. Research the right foods to eat, how many meals a day should eat and what time of day they should be eating.

Start your exercise regimen today. Be sure to include all components of fitness, stretching, weight lifting and cardiovascular training.

Find techniques for reducing stress in your life. Everyone has something that can be done to put a smile on your face; take a walk in the park, yoga, martial arts, playing with your children, the list is endless.

Do not wait until tomorrow to take control of your diabetes. Save your life today!

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