Diabetes Mellitus Various Symptoms, Causes And Diet For Metabolism Disorder
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Diabetes mellitus is a situation whereby sugar builds up in blood stream instead of the cell of the body. It is caused by deficiency in the secretion of insulin. The human body contains a specialized gland called the pancreas.

This gland secrets digestive enzymes and vital hormones that regulate the amount of sugar in the bloodstream, the most well known of these hormones is INSULIN. The foods we eat is converted into a form of sugar known as glucose. Insulin is the body key that allows glucose to leave the blood stream and enter the body cell where it is utilized.

Various Symptoms of Diabetes

Dry skin

Slow recovery from an injury

Frequent urination


Blurred vision

Excessive thirst and hunger

Sudden weight loss

Intense hunger

Weak appearance

Numbness of hands and feet

Stomach pains


Systematic overeating and obesity mainly cause diabetes. This overeating is just not if sugar and refined carbohydrates but also high intake of proteins and fats. Grief, worry and anxiety are also the causes of diabetes that affects the metabolism and cause sugar to appear in the urine.

It may also be caused due to some disorders like cancer, tuberculosis and cerebral disease. Diabetes is a heredity disease, which can affect many generations. It can also be caused due to many nutritional deficiencies and use of certain medicines for longer period of time.

Natural Cure

Soybean is a very good source of emery for diabetic patients. It is full of proteins, iron, calcium, vitamin A and fibre. Bitter gourd (karela) is one of the best options. These can be simply fried with salt and other condiments and can be taken 2-3 daily.

Juice of bilva and parijataka leaves in equal parts, 2 teaspoons taken twice a day also helps in the reduction of sugar.

Take 60 grams of fresh ripe fruit of jamun and dip in 300 grams of boiling water and then cover it. Mash it after half an hour and sieve. Divide into three parts and drink each part thrice a day. Patola (snake gourd) and bimbi are also beneficial for diabetic patients

Leaves of mango tree also fight diabetes. Boil 3-4 fresh leaves of mango tree in the morning and drink.

Diet for Diabetes

Carrots –

You need the beta carotene and nothing will meet that need quite like a carrot or two a day. Many diabetics ignore the need for fruits and vegetables but this can be to your detriment because it can lead to other bigger problems down the line. So, eat those carrots and spice them up with a nice blood sugar friendly dip if you like.

Beets –

These are one of the more important vegetables for diabetes. The fiber, and phytochemicals and minerals are essential.

Potatoes –

Be careful what you use to fill the potato up but otherwise it is a great snack for those dealing with diabetes. Yes, the potato is nature's perfect snack and it provides many nutrients that you need to get through the day.

Tomatoes –

This is a great non starchy vegetable and it renowned fro its unique provision of the all important lycopene.

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Diabetes Symptoms


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