Diagnosis Is Important In Vaginal Infections Or Vaginitis
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Around vaginal infections doing the rounds quite a few misunderstandings. Some women confuse a vaginal infection with a sexually transmitted disease, an equation which obviously does not apply. Some types of vaginal infections, however, indeed are caused by sexual contacts. It is, however, to distinguish a case by case, not every vaginal infection is a result of sexual contact.

Women who suffer from vaginitis trichomonale often have complaints about an inflamed or itchy vagina, as well as a burning sensation while urinating. The abdomen is often perceived discomfort, while having vaginal sex may be associated pain. These symptoms may become worse after having sexual intercourse. But be careful: some women do not develop symptoms, so this form of vaginal infection can not always be recognized.


When visiting the doctor is important for them not to shower, he must see the situation as it really is. This is important to achieve reliable results of the tests are conducted. Some doctors will also ask you to abstain from sex during the 24 hours preceding the research. That is not a necessary prerequisite for a reliable diagnosis. Once that diagnosis with adequate security is provided, the treatment can begin.

Of course the method of treatment depends on the type of vaginal infection you have contracted. In any case, should be discouraged to engage alone with the therapy. There may be over-the-counter drugs that help, but without consulting the doctor is not recommended for that to take.

Chlamydia is another form of sexually transmitted vaginitis. Unfortunately, most women recognize this form of vaginal infection is again not so

Chlamydia in the absence of symptoms at late stages. This obviously complicates the diagnosis. Sometimes an experienced discomfort in the vagina, but that is not always the case. More frequent, light bleeding, preferably after having sex. Also pain in the abdomen and pelvis can belong.

Chlamydia virginities are most common in young women aged 18 to 35 years who have sexual contact with multiple partners. It is recommended that the annual check-up at the gynecologist the body to screen for this condition. If Chlamydia is not treated, damage can be caused to the reproductive system of women. This may be difficult in a next phase to be pregnant.

Various STIs can cause vaginal infections, including herpes simplex virus and human papilloma virus (HPV). However, this is indeed sexually transmitted diseases and specific forms of a vaginal infection. There is clearly a distinction between them should be made.

In most cases, bacterial vaginosis then also discovered during the annual gynecological examination. The doctor conducting the investigation wills initially a negative answer to the question whether there are symptoms of bacterial vaginosis have been established. It is up to him or her to the condition to detect.

When you do symptoms appear, which can be varied. First, there is a white or cloudy discharge that may smell like fish can. This separation is often worst after having sex. The woman in question may also experience pain during urination, possibly accompanied by an itchy and inflamed vagina.

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