Diamond, Gold Or Artificial Jewellery - What To Wear To The Big Fat Indian Wedding?
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Indian weddings are pompous, joyous and full of gold, silver and the display of diamonds as well. Any weddings either held in India or that of an Indian held abroad is only a huge excuse to reach into our jewellery boxes and dish out the heaviest and most obnoxiously expensive jewellery. We Indian’s do believe that weddings are a time when you have to dress up nice and wear the best and the most expensive jewellery you have.

However choosing even your tiny earring can be a bit of a challenge, after all there is a lot you need to keep in mind. For. E.g which one looks good, which one is in style etc etc.. This very fact will tell you that Indian’s love their gold and jewellery and have quiet a few in their cupboards. The rule that every Indian family follows or every Indian women believes in is that they need to have atleast one precious metal as jewellery as their possession.

When choosing accessories for weddings or any joyous occasion, it is vital that you make the right choice, it should match what you wear and the occasion you plan on wearing it for. For e.g. if you are planning on wearing traditional Indian clothes like a sari or lehenga then traditionally crafted jewellery is the best choice. Western outfits on the other hand look good with minimalist jewellery, generally ones that are not too heavy or expensive.

Before you choose the jewellery you want to wear make sure of the attire you plan on wearing. As mentioned above, when you choose to wear a western outfit or dress, ensure that the jewellery is spunky, beautiful and not too much. Western suits, allow you to play around with gold or silver jewellery that have modern patterns. You could also choose to wear the elaborate oxidized jewellery with semi precious stones on it that adds to the splendid overall look. The best jewellery is a simple chain with a brilliant looking pendant is good enough. If you are not much of a gold person or are absolutely tired of what you already have, then you can ask the jewellers to show some artificial jewellery like 1k gold jewellery that is easy on the pocket and looks exactly like gold.

The regular Indian jewellery market is undergoing several changes instead people are opting for less expensive jewellery that matches their outfit. Imitation / artificial jewellery is the best choice in this case. If you visit the jewellery shops, you will find an amazing list of artificial jewellery made of molten metals, artificial pearls, colored stones these metals are also highly popular to make exquisite jewellery watches. I do believe that imitation jewellery is the best choice, you don’t have to spend a lot especially with gold and silver prices sky rocketing. Moreover you can have a huge box full of imitation jewellery to choose from.

Not surprising, the increasing gold prices have very few buyers left of the metal. Unlike the olden days when women stocked on jewellery, today’s women cannot afford to do so. There is also a concern of keeping it safe and being safe, as a lot of gold and silver will only attract undue attention. However if you really cannot do without gold and silver and can afford the prices then there is no stopping from choosing them.

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