Diarrhea Treatment And Some Great Natural Remedies For Diarrhea Problems
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Diarrhea is an increase in the incidence of bowel actions or a decrease in the form of stool (greater looseness of stool). Although change in frequency of bowel actions and looseness of stools can vary separately of each other, changes often occur in both.

Diarrhea is loose, watery stools. A person with diarrhea classically passes stool more than three times a day.

People with diarrhea may pass more than a quart of stool a day. Acute diarrhea is a common problem that typically lasts 1 or 2 days and goes away on its own without special treatment.

Prolonged diarrhea persist for more than 2 days may be a sign of a more serious problem and poses the risk of dehydration. Chronic diarrhea may be a feature of a chronic disease.

Causes of Diarrhea

Diarrhea — frequent runny or watery bowel movements (poop) — is usually brought on by gastrointestinal (GI) infection caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites.

The specific germs that cause diarrhea can vary among geographic regions depending on their level of hygiene, economic development, and hygiene.

Symptoms of Diarrhea

  1. Frequent loose, watery stools
  2. Abdominal cramps
  3. Abdominal pain
  4. Fever
  5. Bleeding
  6. Lightheadedness or dizziness from dehydration

Diarrhea caused by a viral infection, such as a stomach virus, or bacterial infection also may cause vomiting. In addition, blood and mucus in the stools may appear with diarrhea caused by bacterial infections.

Diarrhea Treatment

In most cases, replace lost fluid to prevent lack of fluids is the only treatment necessary.

Medicines that stop diarrhea may be obliging in some cases, but they are not recommended for people whose diarrhea is caused by a bacterial infection or parasite — stopping the diarrhea traps the life form in the intestines, prolong the problem. Instead, doctors may set down antibiotics.

Home Remedies for Diarrhea

Fresh juice of Indian gooseberry (Amla) taken with lemon juice and sugar is helpful. Morpheme Amalaki offer pure Amla fruit extract in vegetable capsules

Add one teaspoonful of ginger juice in half cup of sweltering water and drink hot after every one-hour.

Diarrhea treatment - Make a assortment by adding 1/2 tsp lemon juice, 1/2 tsp ginger juice and 1/4 tsp pepper powder. Drink this mixture two times a day. This is one of the of use home remedies for diarrhea.

Leaves of pumpkin squash or gourd can be used to make tea when boiled in water. After draining out the leaves, the water can be taken for efficient results. Amaranth seeds and leaves are useful in Diarrhea.

Sugar and Salt added in small quantities in the ratio 2:1 to a cup of water can be given regularly to quench the thirst and helps in replenish the body fluids. Water and Brown Rice should be boiled till the rice is cooked.

Intake of curd with mango juice and one teaspoon ginger also cures diarrhea.

Boil water and allow it to cool. Add 3 teaspoons of black pepper and 11/2 teaspoon of kelp to 2 cups of water and drink. This diarhea remedy is very good natural remedy for diarrhea.

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