Did Governor "Narasimhan" Influence Chidambaram Against Telangana?
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Did Governor "Narasimhan" Influence Chidambaram Against Telangana?

Sources said that the Governor Narasimhan had sent a voluminous report to Union Home Minister Chidambaram on why it would be dangerous to fragment Andhra Pradesh now. Most inputs were collected by the Intelligence Department in the State and the Centre and the special wing formed to tackle naxalite menace.

A separate Telangana is what the Naxalites want because it will give them ample opportunity to regroup when a new state is formed as the law and order machinery would be weak.

Chidambaram asked the leaders from all parties yesterday to be mindful of the Naxal threat, and their interest in a separate state. "I wish to caution all political parties that there are forces waiting in the wings who ridicule parliamentary democracy and who would be happy if we collectively fail to find answers to the issues that concern us and we should not give any room for these forces to gain strength or credence," he said.

He urged all parties to show "accommodation and goodwill". "There must be a halt to agitations and bandhs. Law and order must be maintained. Children must go to schools and colleges. People must be allowed to carry on their normal day-to-day activities. Government must be able to focus on development and the welfare of the people," Chidambaram said.



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  • Guest 8 years ago
    I am not a naxalite now. I have enough to live wihtout evenworking for rest o my life. But if telangana state is not formed in 2011 I would sell all my property and take to arms and fight for the freedom of my home land TElangana. Jai telangana.