Diet For Weak Or Poor Eyesight - Foods That Improve Vision
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Weak eyesight is usually the result of nutritional deficiencies in children and adults. Know the diet for poor eyesight to improve vision.

Now-a-days, weak eyesight is a common problem among kids and youngsters. Weak eyesight is usually the result of nutritional deficiencies. This problem of weak eyesight must be considered seriously otherwise it may result into blindness. Some other factors are also responsible for weak eyesight like wrong reading habits and also genetic factors. It also plays an important role in the weakening of eyesight.

Especially for children, balance and regular diet is very necessary at their early age to prevent the problem of any sort of eye weakness. The main causes for weak eyesight in the individuals are due to deficiency of vitamin A.

The main cause is vitamin A, and some other factors are given below -

  1. Wrong eating habits.
  2. Genetic factors can cause this problem.
  3. Watching TV for long hours and also working on computers.
  4. Intake of alcohol in excess may create this problem along with other problems.
  5. Reading in excess dim or excess light.
  6. Some digestive problems.

Some of the important symptoms

  1. Sensation of burning followed by watering of the eyes.
  2. Persistent common cold.
  3. Regular or occasional headache during studies.
  4. Long and short sightedness can be the important symptoms.
  5. Haziness in vision.
  6. Unable to see the objects from a normal distance.

The problem of weak eyesight can be controlled by improving diet. It must be followed strictly.

  1. For better eye sight, drink the juice of lettuce or you can use lettuce leaves in your salads.

  2. You must take small amounts of peanuts or raisins in your daily diet. It will improve your weak eyesight.

  3. Increase the intake of foods rich in Vitamin C like oranges, gooseberry, lemon, tomatoes and guava. Take these foods regularly. These foods will prevent the formation of cataracts and also prevent other eye disorder in old age.

  4. Some herbs like oregano, parsley and turmeric are very effective and beneficial for good sight.

  5. Eyesight can be improved by sulfur rich foods like onion, capers, garlic and shallots.

  6. For improving the eyesight oily fish are very beneficial as oily fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. You also try to include tuna, mackerel, sardines and salmon in your regular diet.

  7. You must take food enriched in Vitamin A regularly. Food enriched in vitamin A consists of colored foods like papaya, banana, carrots, sprouts, mangoes, pumpkins, broccoli, spinach etc. Some other food products like fish, liver, yolk, dairy products are also very effective in improving your eyesight.

  8. You can take herbal food supplements like I-Lite capsules which are specially designed to improve eyesight and vision clarity.

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  • Guest 8 years ago

    I would also recommend to take some wonderful herbs like schizandra which by Chinese medicine has five tastes and improves blood flow in little blood vessels of the eyes. Another good herb is bilberry. You can eat the fruit raw or dried, you can also use its leaves to make tea out of it