Difference Between Resume And Cv
Sunny • onResume 11 years ago • 2 min read

A curriculum vitae, or CV for short, is not the same as a resume. Many people use the two terms interchangeably, but there are some important differences you should be aware of.

A résumé or curriculum vitæ (CV) (from Latin "the course of one's life or career") is a document containing a summary or listing of relevant job experience and education, usually for the purpose of obtaining an interview when seeking employment.

Often the résumé or CV is the first item that a potential employer encounters regarding the job seeker, and therefore a large amount of importance is often ascribed to it.

Traditionally, résumés have been, like careers themselves, oriented towards what a person has accomplished thus far.

What is targeted resume? In most contemporary career consulting the trend is to fashion the document towards what that person can accomplish in a particular job. This is sometimes called a 'targeted résumé'.

The major difference between a curriculum vitae and a resume is the scope of the content. A curriculum vitae generally has a much wider scope, covering areas of your life and background that a resume won't.

  1. A curriculum vitae is generally a much longer document, commonly ranging anywhere from five to ten or more pages in length. A CV gives the employer a bigger picture of you as a person as well as you as a worker.

  2. A resume is a brief, to the point, fact-by-fact analysis of your educational and professional life.

  3. The word résumé (often spelled resumé or resume) is used especially in the United States and in English Canada; the Latin term curriculum vitæ (often abbreviated CV) is instead used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, French Canada and some Commonwealth countries, as well as in the academic fields in North America, and in many languages other than English. In some regions (such as Australia and India ) CV and résumé are used interchangeably.



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