Digestion Problems Causes And Home Remedies And Treatments For Indigestion
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Suffering from indigestion can be extremely annoying because you want to eat, but each time you do, not matter how good the food is, you find yourself stuck with an upset stomach, which takes away any pleasure the food may have given you! You should adopt a holistic approach towards clearing up your indigestion instead of simply trying to make a lousy situation better by popping a few pills whenever you feel the worst of your indigestion.

To start with, you should detoxify your system so that all the toxins and things that are causing problems are flushed out of your body. In order to do this, you need to diet for two days. On day one, try and have nothing but fluids. Plenty of water and pure, fresh fruit and vegetable juice should be your mantra for this time. You may suffer from headaches, as your body is not used to the hunger. Try to bear it, and if you cannot, you should eat a meal at night.

Then, your diet will only last for a day. But this too will work for you. If you can stretch across two days, on the second day, you should eat the same fruits and vegetables you were having the juice of the previous day. On day three, start your meals as you normally would have. Within these two days, your body will have successfully flushed out all the junk it has managed to accumulate via excrement. Try detoxifying yourself at least once a month and you will never suffer from a troubled digestive system.

Causes of Digestion Problems There are many factors that contribute towards one's digestive problems. There are also some external factors like smoking, excessive drinking, depression, age and lack of exercise, which aids these causes in disrupting proper digestion. Some common causes of digestion problems in both men and women are:

  1. Stress: The nervous system controls the digestive system, so any kind of stress, whether mental, physical or emotional, affects digestion. The toxins released from physical trauma also causes digestion problems.

  2. Antibiotics: Digestion problems also results due to the destruction of beneficial bacteria by antibiotics. These bacterias are helpful in fighting against harmful pathogens in the digestive tract and they also aid digestion. So once the antibiotics are stopped, these pathogens attack and weaken the immune system.

  3. Improper Diet: Intake of processed and junk food lacking necessary nutrients, with other food lacking in fiber and raw food disrupts the digestive process. Even food allergies causes digestion problems.

  4. Eating Habits: Swallowing food without chewing properly leads to indigestion and bloating. Eating a bad food combination, like protein with starched pasta, eating fruits with other foods or extremely fatty food are common causes of fat digestion problems.

Signs and Symptoms of Digestion Problems

Digestion problem is also known as maldigestion. These are several digestion problem's symptoms which might be an early indication of serious conditions:

  1. Diarrhea

  2. Constipation

  3. Bloating

  4. Heartburn

  5. Excessive belching

  6. Excessive flatulence

  7. Abdominal pain

Remedies and Treatments

Digestive complications and problems can be minimized and eliminated if one takes the proper action. First a person will need to define the amount of stress they are under. Reducing stress of all kinds is a must for everyone. Eating "clean" or eliminating processed foods and refined sugars will start the healing process of the digestive system. Getting tested for food sensitivities, finding the right diet that works for the individual are two key actions to take to further restore normal function to the digestive system. Start taking a strong probiotic to help reseed your digestive system with beneficial bacteria. Looking for the root cause of your digestive complaints versus symptom treatment is the only true way to go.

Exercise can be very effective in maintaining digestive problems under control. A short walk after meals can help stimulate the digestive process and avoid that bloated feeling that persists slow if left after eating. Although often do you most prefer to do, never a good idea to lie down immediately after eating.

Fish oils are also known to reduce blood pressure and help improve your heart. In reality, the health benefits of Omega 3 are too numerous to mention, if you have a disease or not, taking supplements of Omega 3 can be incredibly useful!

Everyone knows that the body is a kind of domino effect. " When a system is out of balance then other more than likely to be affected. The same applies to the digestive system, in this case. When your body is in balance creates problems sometimes seen in the digestive system, especially in the stomach.

As stress can affect sleep patterns, eating patterns and other aspects of your daily routine can also affect abdominal distension. Basically it is not really the link between stress and digestive system, but is the link between emotions and the digestive system.

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