Dirty Talk - Different Moods, Different Expressions
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If you think that dirty talking should be used only during a certain part of lovemaking, you are missing the point entirely! You can use dirty talking to express different moods and fit all kinds of different situations in your day.

Dirty talking is definitely a way of expressing lust; but lust doesn’t begin and end in the bedroom. When you take it outside, in fact, it becomes all the more exciting.

Make Him Imagine It!

When you talk dirty to your man, you are feeding more of his senses as well as stirring up his imagination.

Men may not be very imaginative creatures, but they can visualize things really well in 3D. So once you put in an idea into his head and fill in the details, he is going to be intoxicated by a very powerful image of what you are saying to him. He will be able to see it in great detail.

The anticipation of what will happen next can be a powerful aphrodisiac. You should use this little fact to good effect.

Work that for all it’s worth… You can use dirty talk to just flirt or tease. Or you can use it to be down right wanton with him; the choice is yours.

Tips For Different Ways Of Dirty Talking:

1.) Text or mail him erotica to tease him when he is away from you. You can use it to arouse him at a very low level, or you can get him desperate. It only depends on what you say and how you say it.

2.) If he is at home and you are going to be out, write out erotic little love notes and leave them where he can find it and be surprised. It will make him long for you to get back to him.

3.) Flirt with him in public by saying something unexpectedly lustful so only he can hear.

4.) When you are with friends, use double entendre to get his juices flowing.

5.) It is the tone of your voice and the look in your eye that is going to make the real intent, of a seemingly innocent message, clear to him.

6.) Just the fact that you are saying something dirty in public, where you could be overheard, could be a serious turn on. That hint of danger can make dirty talk even more appealing.

As Wanton As You Want!

Dirty talking to make you seem absolutely wanton, of course, means “No Holds Barred”!!!

For this, you don’t need to be thinking. When the level of excitement is high, thinking can be a real kill joy. Any sounds you make or words you use in bed are intensely exciting to your man.

All you have to do is let it flow with your mood. Express yourself and enjoy doing it!

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