Discover The Magic Of A New Missionary Poses
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Missionary pose is one of the most famous poses, and in spite of it - is often considered to be plain and boring, and always in the shadow of those pose - the woman up from the back or reverse cowgirl ... However, it should not be so. Many people do not know that the missionary pose, because it allows many variations and presents a wide range of sensory nerves, very good to achieve orgasm.

Precisely this explains why 33 percent of women said that the missionary pose their favorite poses (like she and the boys - because it allows them to control the tempo and extended them an orgasm). If you like the missionary pose and want to make it more exciting and interesting, these tips will help.


Bending backwards Perfect for: your partner

• How to perform a pose: Lie no bed so that your legs with feet on the floor and move forward until your butt is in the air. Your partner kneels in front of you and so you enter. You propnite on your fingers, bend your back, and he let the reserves behind and enter into a rhythm with him. If your feet are on the fingers orgasm will be stronger. • Excitement factor: Pose you'll love because it really stimulates the G spot. • Factor "cooling": It would be kneeling on the floor could very quickly become difficult, so make sure you are very horny before no-go move to this pose.

Spice up your sex life

What we promised and fulfilled. We continue with an interesting, twisted, some complicated, but all very exciting sexy poses. All for your pleasure!

Spinner Perfect for: warming and long slow sex.

• How to perform a pose: Sit on the bed facing each other with crossed nogama.oboje lie down and move it to another one. Knees are bent, hold each other for the joints. Now all you need to do is slow and gentle movements to keep each other excited. • Excitement factor: This is a very lazy position that is perfect for warming up when he was still not completely excited. • Factor "cooling": Pose is impossible if he's totally excited, except that there's not much movement in this position.

Squat Perfect for: you. Allows you to an incredible orgasm.

• How to perform a pose: Very simply, he lay on the bed, and you on it. Yes, that's all. On the weight of your body helps you keep adhering to the hands. His legs are bent and raised, but may be extended or just folded. • Excitement factor: This will pose to stimulate the ways in which you have not thought possible. • Factor "cooling": You will also look a little funny and you have to constantly fight for balance. In addition, you need a lot of power in the legs.

Dirty Dancing Perfect for: both.

How to perform a pose: Forget about the bedroom. This pose can be practiced anywhere exists some kind of vertical surface on which you can recline. A man leaned against the back wall, feet slightly away from the wall and legs bent at the knees. You do zajasi one foot and it can attach to his feet as you serve as a support to maintain balance. The position both equally participate in the motions.

Excitement factor: He has excellent access to your chest; you are facing each other and the greater intimacy. Besides, you control how deep you go in and what will be the stimulation of the clitoris. This is an excellent pose for sex on the rapids.

Factor "cooling": He must have enough power to make you comply with both. The problem can be if you made a big difference in height between you.

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