Disorders Of Impotence In Males
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It is a disorder of sexual function characterized by absence or lack of penile erection during sexual intercourse. Because this phenomenon is inconsistent, usually plays the role of several factors.

The most common are psychogenic factors. In the beginning of man's sex life is rather the uncertainty or the probability of failure creates a fear of failure, fear of expectation. Erection suppresses neurotic mechanism arising from anxiety, physical and mental exhaustion. The most frequent causes are disturbed partnership.


In old age, the most frequent changes in the vascular system of the penis

and the decrease in male hormones - androgens. There are rare disorders or impotence caused by toxic effects of alcohol toxic substances or certain medications (psychotropics, Hypotensives, antiandrogens, etc.)

Impotence may be chronic or repeated or it can occur in rare cases. In the past there was a presumption that impotence is mainly psychological problem, but today most doctors and therapists believe that up to 85% based on the physical problems.

Atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, constitutes a danger for the heart and the penis. Most people are now aware that smoking and eating fatty foods lead to the formation of deposits that clog arteries and block blood flow to the heart. These deposits may block the blood supply to the sexual bodies and interfere with the ability to achieve erection.

Appropriate treatment depends on whether the cause is physical or psychological disorder character. A man whose impotence is psychological in nature, has erections during sleep is usually normal, but the man is usually physically caused impotence or erectile dysfunction

is unable to sleep.

The basis of the therapeutic effect of these failures is the correct approach to increase confidence, manage anxiety of expectation. Plenty of rest - especially active, good nutrition - modifying the regular diet, limits consumption of alcohol, problem solving partner ... Drug solution is seen as instrumental, and the most important reasons for removal. If the patient is unable to deal with the situation himself, even when using the offered medication, it is advisable to consult a psychoanalyst, sexologist or other adviser.

View of Natural Medicine:

In natural medicine we have a means by which we can replace conventional medicines to improve impotence without risk of side effects. It is a product of Mac. Reaction and Mac are different, it is an individual thing. And it should be clarified, because of difficulties which it takes. Sometimes even the Mac combines Saw Palmetto, with regard to the difficulties associated with the prostate. As for improving libido, we have the response of patients to which the effect occurs after a few uses. In principle, however, these products need to take a long time. In one case my Mac is used only occasionally - as a "helper".

In the second case we take the Mac in high doses and long-term even three months before we see significant improvements. In the case of low performance must analyze the cause of the problem. In most cases, failure is overloading the brain with worry, stress, restlessness, etc.

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