Disorders Of Orgasm In Men
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Disorders of orgasm on a continuous or repetitive inability to achieve orgasm, despite the length or quality of sexual intercourse. The individual thus achieves orgasm either late (it is necessary much more time needed to achieve orgasm), or does not orgasm at all. These problems can occur in men over the long term due to a fault when an individual experienced an orgasm at all.

The second group are the so-called secondary causes, recurrent or orgasmic disorder, in which an individual's life was during the period when the orgasm occurred, but occurred periodically with the period when this area of work being finished. The cause of failure can be organic (related to somatic health status), however, in most cases, the psychological origin. It is therefore important that the doctor soon discovered that the fault is not a health and hence the next steps.


Among the medical causes may put hypogonadism (malfunctioning ovaries and testosterone secretion), abnormal thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism - an abnormally increased / decreased production of thyroxin), pituitary disorders, problems related to the nervous system (brain seizures, multiple sclerosis, diabetic neuropathy , spinal cord injuries, surgeries sexual organ and prostate cancer , diseases of the penis, but also the use of psychoactive substances (including alcohol and drugs). In this context, can also cause disorders of orgasm, the use of certain prescribed drugs, in particular from the group of antipsychotics, antidepressants or medication to lower blood pressure.

A more common cause, however, are psychological factors. These mainly include depression , feelings of guilt, anger, fear, low self-esteem, anxiety, fear of pregnancy potential partner's fear of blood-borne diseases ( HIV , etc.), experience stress , unsatisfactory relationship with a partner, previous relationships, previous sexual experiences

, influences Education (taboo sex, prudish upbringing), etc. The examination of the doctor, sexologist should be considered above all other medical causes and differential diagnosis if there is need for erectile dysfunction, disorders related to premature ejaculation, hyposexualitou (decreased sexual desire), delayed ejaculation disorder or "dry orgasm", which is a normal ejaculate, escorted out through the urethra, but leaves the bladder.

Treatment of orgasmic disorder is correctly diagnosed the cause. It is obvious that another approach is chosen, it is necessary to cause the excessive use of alcohol, other procedures for hyperthyroidism and other procedures with depression or low self-esteem, which then has an impact on sexual activity and hence achieving orgasm.

In most cases where the cause lies precisely in psychological factors, is recommended as a means of psychotherapy treatment. The prognosis for patients with impaired orgasm depends on several factors. One of the primary issue is whether the failure of orgasm long term and permanent (or man had an orgasm at all) or recurrent (that the man had a period in life when the orgasm occurred). Prognosis is also better when the orgasm disorders linked to some specific external or environmental factors (incorrect stimulation of sexual organ, sexual techniques chosen, elected instead of intercourse, which is inappropriate, disruptive, etc.) These shortcomings are removed and improved better than to be internal (such as chronic depression or other psychological problems, etc.).

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