Divert & Call Barring Secret Codes
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By using call divert or forwarding feature you can move your calls to another desired number. See below how to forword calls =>

To forward all calls To start, enter 21*number # To stop, enter ##21#

To forward calls while you're speaking to someone else To start, enter 67*number # To stop, enter ##67#

To forward calls if you don't answer the incoming caller within 30 seconds To start, enter 61*number # To stop, enter ##61#

To forward calls if your cell phone is switched off or is out of reach To start, enter 621*number # To stop, enter ##62#

To cancel all preset conditions enter ##002# The number is which you wants to your call will move on. EndsStarts

To ensure that your phone is not being misused by anyone you can bar all incoming and outgoing calls. This feature is a network dependent, your operator may not allow you to do this & you can concern your operator about this feature. To activate call barring, you may have to a password which provided by operator, you first need to deactivate call forwarding. Here's how you can bar calls:

To bar all incoming calls

To start, enter 35 password #

To stop, enter #35* password #

To bar all outgoing calls

To start, enter 33 password #

To stop, enter #33* password #

To bar all outgoing ISD calls

To start, enter *331 password #

To stop, enter #331 password #


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