Diwali The True Meaning And Greetings
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The word 'Diwali' occurs from the Sanskrit language word 'Deepavali' suggesting a course of lights. 'Deep' implies light or lamp and 'avali' implies course. Therefore, Diwali or Deepavali almost means a sequence or group of lights. On the day of Deepavali, people fire up mud or kerosene lamps (known as 'Diyas') in their houses, courts, rooftops, gardens and outer fences. This decoration with diyas on Diwali creates every house amazingly beautiful and lively.

Diwali is kept with much brilliance and cheerfulness in India, as in other regions of the globe. India, a nation of festivals, is long accustomed for its special nature and Diwali is amongst its most major and lively festivals. Hindus universally rejoice this pleased holiday of Deepavali with notable celebration.

A few shape themselves for Diwali sometimes months ahead. From scheming Deepavali decorations for their houses to obtaining crackers, planning for the Diwali excitation and parties. People trace Rangolis in and about their houses. These Rangolis, which are colorful figures, produced with colorized powders make a jolly vision! It is also usual to invite near and beloved ones on Diwali, to purchase new dresses for Diwali, traditional Diwali greetings for acquaintances and family, Diwali greeting cards and many of additional particulars, which are represented as items of love.

People also mail formal greetings to their chiefs, co-workers and distant friends. Vivacious cards for Diwali are the entire craze on this full Diwali season, which make their beloved ones, feel exceptional! People also present jewelry, family items, clothes and idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi as Deepavali gifts.

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Diwali Greetings


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