DMK & TMC Speak Against Telangana In UPA Meeting
pavan • onGeneral 9 years ago • 1 min read

Today the UPA convened a meeting to discuss the Telangana issue in New Delhi. In the meeting the DMK & the Trinamool Congress party spoke openly against giving the Telangana state. Political analysts say that the DMK spoke against the new state because if the new state is given, the the blame would be shifted on P Chidambaram and thereby on Tamil Nadu which in turn would make Andhra refect Krishna water to Chennai. Till now Andhra and the Tamil people never had any issues with each other. Now DMK doesn't want to spoil the good relations Tamilians have with Andhra people.

Trinamool Congress is opposing the Telangana issue due to a different reason. The Gorkhas have been demanding a separate state since many years. They want Gorkhaland carved out of West Bengal. Recently the Gorkha demanded that the UPA government agree to the Gorkhaland since it agreed to the Telangana state. The TMC doesn't want the the Telangana state to form as it would make the Gorkha struggle more virulent.

The UPA government has taken the views of all parties and is slated to make a statement this night if possible.



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