Do Home Remedies Of Corns Work?
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A corn refers to the hard thickening of skin and usually occurs on the top or sides of the toes. Read some useful home remedies for corns.

A corn or heloma refers to the hard thickening of skin and usually occurs on the top or sides of the toes. The most common cause is the continuous pressure on toes or on its nearby skin surfaces due to the use of incorrect footwear's. The thick skin formed as such or corn can be identified easily for it has a pyramid shape with the apex pointing inwards.

Corns actually form to protect the skin from more internal damage on account of frequent pressure and friction. They usually have a waxy or translucent center and may look yellowish. Generally, two types of corns can be seen - "soft corn" that forms between the toes and "hard corn" that forms on top or sides of toes.

People with curled toes mostly suffer from the hard corn because their toes remain curled inside the shoes creating bad friction and pressure. Sometime they may be very painful.

There are definitely a number of ways to get rid of corns ranging from allopathic medicines to surgery. Besides, the most effective method to solve corn problems is using herbal or simple home remedies. Let’s have a look around some useful home remedy for corn.

Lemon: It is very useful in order to remove corns. Regular use of it can help in getting relief both from pain if any and corn itself. To use, just take a slice of lemon and then tie it over the suffered areas preferably at night and let it be there until the morning.

Raw Papaya: Being an irritant, raw papaya is very useful in case of corns. To use, just take half a teaspoon of its juice and apply over the area three times a day.

Indian Squill: This particular herb is also very good at treating corns. And to use, just take a bulb and apply it over the corn along with a bandage overnight.

Green Figs: This is another important herb or home remedy for corn and is mostly useful for long-term corns thus helping them soften. In order to use, first extract juice from its fruits and then take half a teaspoon of the juice, apply it on the affected area three times a day.

Chalk Powder: Chalk power paste is also surprisingly a very good home remedy of corns.

Liquorice: This is one of the most valuable and upcoming home remedies for corns. To use, just made a paste grinding three or more liquorices along with half a teaspoon mustard oil and then apply on the corns.

Besides these, the use of herbs like pineapple peal, onion slice, oatmeal, etc can also be used for corn treatment at home environment. Moreover, nutritious diet containing more vitamins along with healthy fruits should have to be taken regularly. As corn is a problem related to toes and feet skin surface, therefore we must be careful while using footwear’s. To remove corns faster, we should avoid wearing very tight shoes and socks, shoes without socks, etc. Daily wash of feet along with any anti-inflammatory powder is a must!

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