Do Natural Sleep Remedies Help You Fall Asleep?
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Sleep disorders can pose serious threats to mental and physical health. Know the natural remedies for sleep which are effective and safe.

Sleep disorders can pose serious threats to physical and mental health. Most of the traditional medicines are addictive in nature with side effects. But natural sleep remedies are most suitable option for people suffering with this problem. There are many effective herbs and foods which can promote relaxation and release stress to promote sound sleep. Exercises and meditation and pranayam are also very effective in treating sleep disorders.

Chamomile tea is very effective natural remedy which has good calming properties to promote sound sleep. This tea can be prepared by taking one teaspoon of chamomile dried herb mixed with a cup of water, this mixture shall be boiled on a low flame with the lid on. After straining, one teaspoon of honey and lemon juice can be mixed with this mixture, to be consumed when hot, before going to bed.

Lavender has been used in different ways as sleep aid, lavender oil can be inhaled before going to bed and best topical use of this oil is by massaging feet in the night. Mixing lavender oil in a bucket of warm water and taking a bath before retiring also promotes sound sleep.

Herbal tea can be prepared with mint leaves and lavender flowers which is a very effective remedy for sleep disorders. One teaspoon of fresh lavender flowers and one and a half teaspoon of fresh mint leaves shall be taken in a tea pot, take one cup of boiling water and pour over the leaves and allow it to stay for few minutes, after few minutes strain this mixture and consume for sound and refreshing sleep.

Teas made by using lemon balm or passion flowers are also very effective remedies for sleep disorders and have excellent calming and relaxing properties to promote sound sleep. Two teaspoons of lemon balm can be mixed with a cup of boiling water and consumed after straining whereas one teaspoon of passion flowers shall be used with a cup of boiling water for making tea.

Drinking a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey mixed in it before going to bed is also an old remedy for sound sleep. Drinking a glass of water with honey is also an effective treatment. Cabbage juice and curd in the diet are also very useful in curing sleep disorders. Massaging head with a mixture of bottle guard juice and sesame oil is also an effective natural remedy for sleep promotion. Tea made by using anise seeds and honey in place of sugar is also very effective, this tea shall be consumed before going to bed.

Increased intake of foods like cashews, oatmeal, bananas, yoghurt, milk, almonds, wheat bran and kelp is supportive for good sleep. Avoiding traditional tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, spicy and greasy food is good for sound sleep, avoid eating too much at night and drinking few glasses of water is good for undisturbed sleep. Yoga poses like shirsh asana, sarvang asana, uttan asana and shava asana are good for relaxing the body and mind to promote sound sleep. Exercises like swimming, skipping, jogging and brisk walking relieve stress and tension and work as natural remedy for sleep disorders.

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